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PTSA Direct Drive Fundraiser Still Accepting Envelopes!

Summary: PTSA Direct Drive Fundraiser to support B.F. Day Elementary.

PTSA Direct Drive Fundraising Thru Nov 17


Dragon Costume Holding handfuls of envelopes.

This will be our only direct ask for the year – there will NOT be a year end collection for teacher gifts/appreciation. Email with questions.

So far we have 332 online donations and envelopes returned and have raised OVER $136,541 (including pledged matching funds) towards our goal of $150,000 to help bridge the gap between state funding and the essential needs of our school.

When you give to the Direct Drive, you are part of the community effort that makes B.F. Day school the special place that it is. Together, we are the Family School – all of us working together ensure that our students’ needs are met.

Please return your family’s pledge card(s) in the yellow envelope as soon as possible. Extra envelopes are available in the school office. Classes with a 75% participation rate will receive $300 for their classroom library! The Direct Drive is our biggest fundraiser and our only direct ask for the year. There will not be a separate request for staff holiday gifts and appreciation.

We need everyone’s help to reach our goal! If you haven’t returned your envelope yet, please do so as soon as possible – the Direct Drive ends Wednesday, November 15 (17), 2023. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to about donation matching or if you have any questions. It is so amazing seeing the community come together to support the school!

PTSA Direct Drive Fundraiser Information

On October 27, 2023 at our all-school assembly, we kicked off the annual PTSA Direct Drive, our biggest fundraiser and our only direct ask for the year. (We are still planning some fun events in spring, but there will NOT be separate requests for staff holiday gifts and appreciation).

Dragon Costume Holding an envelope.

Please check your student’s backpack for a golden envelope that contains a letter with more information and a pledge card. We ask that each family consider giving an amount that is meaningful to them – whatever that amount might be – because together, we can do amazing things!

The state and district funding that we receive is insufficient to meet the needs of our students and our school. So, the PTSA fundraises to help pay for school staff, classroom supplies, staff appreciation, and academic and social enrichment. The 2023-2024 school year budget is $296,036, the equivalent of $712 per student. Our goal is to raise $150,000 ($361 per student) with the Direct Drive.

We recognize that each family’s situation is different, so our focus is on participation – each student returning a gold envelope. Please send the golden envelope back to school with your child by Wednesday, November 15. You can also drop it off at the school office. Each classroom that has at least 75% of their envelopes returned will get $300 to spend on their classroom library!

More info about the direct drive is on the B.F. Day PTSA Fundraising page. Thank you in advance for your participation and support!

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