Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary

B.F. Day
Benjamin Franklin Day Elementary


Academic Focus

  • B.F. Day offers quality full day programs in both our kindergarten classes.
  • B.F. Day strives to keep class size small. Classes range from 20 to 29 students and average 22.
  • B.F. Day has a half-time librarian who teaches weekly library skills classes to all grade levels.
  • The District provides instrumental music instruction for fourth and fifth grade students and we have a half-time music teacher for all classrooms.  We have additional music programs/teachers often supported by our PTSA.
  • A full-time PE teacher provides weekly PE classes. A full-time art teacher provides weekly art classes to all students.
  • Technology is an important educational component at B.F. Day.  Classrooms have their own computers. We also have Mac computers in our library and students have access to learning using our iPads and laptop computers. All classrooms are wired to the Internet.

Special Programs

Check the calendar for the time and dates for the following events:

  • B.F. Day has an on-site before-and after-school program, and summer camp, administered by the Wallingford Boys and Girls Club, 206-547-7169.
  • B.F. Day is an official Spectrum School, with a Spectrum Parent Night.
  • B.F. Day has an active Art Committee, coordinating special art projects including the Tile Mural, Banner project and Artist-in-Residence programs.
  • B.F. Day implements the School-to-Work Village Program. Students learn about the work world, create products to sell and engage in mock trade at an all-school fair.
  • Chat with the Principal Night, several times per year.
  • Curriculum Night
  • Open Houses for Prospective parents
  • Math Night
  • Science Fair – Art Walk
  • Game Night
  • Walk & Roll
  • Music Performances
  • “Take Your Parent to School Night”/Literacy Night
  • Many, many after school activities as well as early release activities for students sponsored by our amazing PTSA
  • Ice Cream Social

Kindergarten Reading and Writing at B.F. Day

In the Kindergarten program children are offered many opportunities to make connections between reading and writing. Our program employs different themes, and each theme includes a collection of related literature. Children are encouraged to personally respond to the literature through drawing and writing in their journals.

Kindergarten projects involve various modes of writing, such as creating posters and invitations, making class books, story innovations and writing letters and reports on an individual and group basis. Children are also given an opportunity to write letters and words through our phonics study of the alphabet.

Some of the themes include opportunities for learning centers where children may work independently, in pairs or in small groups to complete interdisciplinary activities. These activities also provide opportunities for different modes of writing.

Our Kindergarten students participate in book buddies with older students.