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Playground Expectations

General Playground Expectations

Playground Supervision Team!

At long last, we are fully staffed with an amazing playground & lunch supervision team! Woot! 

Carrie, Richard, Luke and Laura

The infamous Carrie Bauer, Richard Burris, Luke Kennedy, Laura Pace.

Now that we have 4, there will be 3 on the playground and one in the Cafeteria. They’ll be taking turns being outside or in (except Carrie of course, no way she’s coming inside!)

Playground Gates

Please note that the playground gates are locked between 8:05 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. daily. This includes the gate leading to the steps to Fremont Ave N. We do this to secure the area for the pre-school program that uses the playground at 8:15 a.m. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Student Expectations

kids throwing a ball back and forth
  • We will not use mean or hurtful statements (no making fun of another person’s name, appearance, abilities, etc.). Kindness Spoken Here.
  • We use kind words and never use profanity.
  • Report recess problems to recess supervisors.
  • Everyone is included in all games.
  • Students show good sportsmanship.
  • When approached by a Playground Supervisor for breaking a rule, students should be able to identify the poor choice they made and explain how they can make a better choice.
  • We will not play tag or any other game that causes us to put hands on other people.
  • We will not hit, grab, tag or ?play fight? at any time.
  • We will ask for adult help when frustrated.
  • We will not play with sticks.
  • All wood chips will remain on the ground at all times.
  • The following items are not to be brought to school: Toys, dolls, balls, electronics and other non-educational items unless the item is needed for a class activity and a teacher has given written permission.
  • During breakfast and lunch time, all food and drinks will remain in the cafeteria. There is a small group of well-behaved older students that eat on the stairs near the lunchroom most days.
  • Students may not play in areas out of sight of the Playground Supervisors. They may never play directly next to classroom windows, or inside the building.


  • Students play in designated areas.
  • Football games are catch only! No touch.
  • Soccer-no tackling.


  • When bell rings, all students line up immediately, even if you are in the middle of a play.
  • Students must ask permission to use the bathroom. Students enter through the north door nearest the upper. Check back in with same teacher/supervisor when returning to the playground.
  • Students may not go back in the classrooms for equipment, jackets, etc.

Big Toys

Child characters upside down with text: Play, Learn and Grow Together!
  • Feet first down the slides one at a time.
  • Keep hands to self always ? especially on the climber.
  • Climb down safely from the rope.
  • One way only on hand over hand bars. Never Skip More than One Bar! This is not allowed at B. F. Day – ever.
  • Take turns (30 seconds on spinner) Line up on dot. Children in line can count out (slowly) the 30 seconds. No more than two kids on the spinner at a time. No one may push anyone on the spinner ? spinner is self-propelled by spinner (core strength) Student?s choice to be alone or together. You may stay on spinner if no one is in line.
  • Share the top of the rope.
  • No climbing on top of other structure parts.
  • If rules for lower big toy are not followed student will be told not to use lower climber for rest of day. If child cannot follow rules for two days they may only use upper big toy for the week.

Boulders and Logs

  • Rocks & logs are primarily on our grounds for sitting, reading, watching, contemplation, etc.
  • Jumping safely from cement to the logs/rocks or visa-versa is ok.
  • Jumping from rock to rock, log to log, safely, is ok.