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    Welcome To B.F. Day Students Activities

    BF Day Tiles

    We at B.F. Day feel that participation in student-oriented activities is a vital part of a student’s education. A wide range of activities are provided, some of which are included in the list below.

    Village Day

    Village Day is one of the most-anticipated events of the school year! Check out the Each classroom planned, developed, and staffed its own business or service with the help of the Fremont community, parents and other volunteers. Some of the creative businesses from the past include a library, radio station, pet store, thrift shop, greeting card shop, and a toy store! It was a great event! Activity Coordinator

    Students complete Village reflections each year. Here are a few testimonials!

    What were your greatest challenges? “My greatest challenges were keeping up with the customers coming in and that it made my legs sore.”  and "Putting the money in the right spot.”  Third Grade Students

    What were your greatest successes?  "My greatest success was probably calming people down while they were waiting in line.”  and "My greatest success was having fun!” Third Grade Students

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    Student Art Work Project

    Student Artwork Drawings of a Bear, Bird, Dog, Cat and Frog

    View and enjoy art work created by B.F. Day students.


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    School Rain Garden Workshop

    Activity Coordinator - Carrie Bauer (

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    Tile Project

    Puget Sound Consumers Cooperative awarded B.F. Day PTSA, Fremont Arts Council and Aruba Tile the "Cooperator Award" at the PCC Annual Meeting on April 14th. This award recognizes cooperative community projects and activities. This was the first time these awards were presented. Leslie Cossitt received the award on the behalf of the PTSA, Steve Roache for Aruba Tile, and Cameron Mason for the Fremont Arts Council. Three awards were presented, with the other two going to PCC employees. Each award consists of $100 to be given to a charity. $50 will be given to the B.F. Day Foundation and $50 to the Fremont Arts Council.

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