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    Welcome To The B.F. Day Green Team 

    February 2020

    Yes, the B. F. Day Green Team is back. Carrie Bauer will continue to lead the group and all volunteers are welcome to join. There is no need for students to sign up. If interested, students can meet Ms. Carrie in the Garden Area (west side of playground) as soon as their morning recess begins. While they will spend much of the time in the edible garden area, they will also work on campus grounds and surrounding sidewalk/parking strips to create a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable campus. If your child would like to join on any given day, they can do so, but please make sure they understand they are giving up their morning recess time to help our environment. Questions, please email Ms. Carrie,

    Dates/Times: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:40 – 9:55 for 3rd – 5th grade and 9:55 – 10:25 for K – 2nd grade. Kids will likely get dirty, use their muscles, and need to be sure to drink extra water when joining this activity, just so you’re aware. We have some kids gloves to loan, but it would be great if they bring their own. Also, we will work with the PTSA to get an adult/kids work party scheduled for spring. Many hands make light work!

    March 2020 | Planting Green Peas, Radishes & Removing Invasive English Ivy

    Well, we are happy to report there is no Garlic Mustard showing right now.  We will keep our vigil of the area where it has been coming up.  Every year the Green Team removes it all.  Visit the City of Portland, OR Environmental Services website - for more information about garlic mustard....we’re going to try to get it well before blooming! Check out our photo gallery below!  Since the Garlic Mustard has been removed we spent most of our time in cleaning up trash and removing English Ivy.

    Kinders planted both peas and radishes.  Olders helped with the peas too.  Great effort by all kids!