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    OPENING DAY PACKET (Parent Homework)

    B.F. Day Families, please fill out the papers in the front of the Opening Day Packet and return with your child as soon as possible. Many forms can be found online at, search for Start of School Forms. We have not printed these forms and if one needs to be filled out for your child(ren) please send completed forms as indicated below. The papers in the back of the envelope can be kept for reference. Your child’s teacher may have added other items to this packet.

    Papers To Fill Out And Return ASAP

    Most Important for Emergency Contact: The Student Verification Form is available for parents to confirm and update online through The Source Sept. 4 - 30.

    If you cannot complete your Verification Form online please fill out the SPS Emergency Information and Student Release paper form IMMEDIATELY and return to

    Students marked as confidential or with a no contact order must provide data verification through a paper form to protect privacy and safety.

    Preschool families have previously received many of the items below:

    o PTSA Membership form (optional) and What We Do?
    o Privacy and Privacy Act (FERPA online, email to or print and return)
    o From 504-2 - Disabled Form (online if applicable, email to or print and return)
    o Title VII Eligibility (for new students only, if applicable email to or print and return)
    o B. F. Day learners and Caring, Engaged and Responsible for your records. Please read, sign and return to office the three holed form stating you have read and understand this important document.
    Student Housing Questionnaire (if applicable submit to
    o Room Parent letter

    Printed or on SPS Start of School Forms page to Be Read For Your Home Files

    o The Volunteer webpage is at the bottom of the Start of School forms. All volunteers must complete this application which is now good for two years. If available, please also fill out PTSA Volunteer Form.
    o Superintendent Juneau’s Welcome Letter
    o Non-Discrimination Statement
    o SchoolPay for Field Trips, etc. – see the Dayette for September 3, 2019
    o Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
    o -The Source-Schoology flyers. Because many new systems are accessed through the Source, it's important information about how to sign up.
    o Advanced Learning Opportunity –DEADLINE September 23!
    o Attendance Letter is online with your Student Verification form
    o Basic Rules for All Students
    o PTSA Easy Everyday Fundraiser
    o Health Insurance (optional)
    o Chinook Book order forms (optional)
    o SPS one-page calendar for the year
    o PTSA After School Enrichment Programs

    SPS has the required parent/guardian and student notification SPS Start of School Forms available to view and download or translate if needed on the Seattle Public Schools Start of School Forms page.