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B.F. Day School Leader Announcement

Dear B.F. Day Families and Staff,

I am pleased to announce Dr. Natalie Zisko has been named as the principal of B.F. Day Elementary School. 

Dr. Zisko began her service in Seattle Public Schools as the assistant principal at B.F. Day in 2020.  Most recently, she served as the acting principal of B.F. Day for the 2021-2022 school year.  Prior to her tenure in Seattle, she was an assistant principal and principal in schools in California and Hawaii. 

Dr. Zisko has totally immersed herself in the community as a resident, parent, and school leader.  Dr. Zisko was appointed by Superintendent Jones based on her relationship-building, adaptability, and commitment to equity.  Dr. Zisko’s experience aligns with the school’s stakeholders’ vision and commitment to instructional excellence, collaboration, and establishment of strong strategic partnerships. 

Dr. Zisko’s dedication to all stakeholders and her commitment to providing high-quality learning experiences for all students will provide continuity and stability for B.F. Day Elementary School.

Dr. Brent Jones


Seattle Public Schools