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    Sun Dragons' Dayette November 3, 2020
    Posted on 11/05/2020
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    B.F. Day Event Calendar 

    Visit our B. F. Day Weekly Calendar




    Veterans’ Day

    Seattle Schools will be closed next Wednesday, November 11th, in honor of all the women and men who served our country. Classroom teachers are planning activities to discuss Veterans’ contributions. We hope you will have time to thank a veteran for their service on this day off of school.

    Emergency Forms

    Most of you have turned in your forms and we thank you! For those of you who we have not received either the Emergency form or you did not review your Verification Form online in September Ms. Carrie will be sending you an email reminder tomorrow. If you’d like to get off that list please turn this in today if you haven’t: Emergency Information and Student Release
    translated forms

    You may save it and email back to, put in the mail, or drop off at school. Maybe while you’re picking up a fabulous lunch (11:15 – 1:15 daily). If you need a paper copy mailed to you just give the office a call and let them know.

    School Picture Days

    There is still time to get your school picture taken. Please sign up for your child’s school photo with link below. Looks like we should be able to see most of our 3rd graders in pictures.  Just over 25% of our students have a current photo now.  You can take your School Pictures at the Yuen Lui Studio in the Roosevelt neighborhood - 924 NE 63rd St. Seattle, WA 98144

    Click this link to schedule your appointment and select your photo package option -

    book with Yuen Lui  

    Yuen Lui Studio has added more dates for your convenience. Photo dates include: 
     11/5, 11/6, 11/12, 11/13.

    For those families who are high risk, Yuen Lui recommends to wait until spring when photographs can be taken outside. 

    If you any issues please email Yuen Lui at or call 1-800-347-4687. Scholarships are available, please call the school office for help with scholarships, 206-252-6010.

    2019-2020 Yearbooks

    We have several yearbooks available in the office, some of which are prepaid. If you’d like to pick up a yearbook, you can stop by during office hours (M-F 9:00 – 3:00), and we will get one or more to you. If you haven’t paid, they are $12. Checks may be written to the B. F. Day PTSA.

    This year we are not planning to do a whole school yearbook, unless we return to school by early April. Otherwise, there may not be an equitable opportunity for families to have photos taken by the photographer.

    The Differences between the School Store Recognition and the Monthly B. F. Day Way Awards


    The Differences between the School Store Recognition and the Monthly BF Day Way Awards

    School Store Visit
    Weekly Recognition
    One student per class
    Students are recognized In-person visit by Mr. Taylor
    The focus is on recognizing students/families for their resiliency and persistence.
    Student's can choose a item from the "school store"

    • Recognize students and families for their resiliency and grit.
    • Maintain student’s connection with the school community
    • Reinforce similar expectations we expect when we are in person.

    BF Day Way Awards
    Monthly Recognition
    Three students per class
    Student's are recognized at monthly assemblies
    The focus is on the BF Day Way (Caring, Engaged and Responsible)