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    SunDragons' Dayette Nov 12, 2019
    Posted on 11/13/2019
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    What's Coming Up 

    Thur, Nov 14 | 8:05 Monthly safety drill – lockdown drill. After School: Drama 2-5, World Dance K-2, Parkour 3-5, Bricks Challenge 1-3, Yoga K, Pathfinder 3-5 
    Fri, Nov 15 | Instrumental music in the AM Afterschool Clubs: Soccer K-3, Chess K-5, Art Club 3-5, Parkour K-2, Spanish K-5
    Mon, Nov 18 | 7:55 Monday Morning Assembly. 8:00 am Picture re-take day. Afterschool Clubs: Karate, Adventure Sports K-5, Creative Coding, Curiosity Club,Ukulele 3-5, Spanish K-5. 2:40 Safety Committee Mtg. 6:00PM. WITS Celebration for 3rd grades.
    Tues, Nov 19 | Room 300 open classroom for parents. Afterschool Clubs: Drama K-1, Sewing 2-5, Board Games 2-5.Chess Club K-5, Pathfinder 4-5 6 – 7:30 PTSA Mtg., Library
    Wed, Nov 20 | WITS Day. 1:10 Early release. Afterschool Clubs: Dinner Club, Art Club K-2, Hip Hop 2-5, Tennis K-5
    Thur, Nov 21 | 1:15 Dragon Den. After School: Drama 2-5, World Dance K-2, Parkour 3-5, Bricks Challenge.1-3, Yoga K, Pathfinder 3-5
    Fri, Nov 22 | Instrumental music in the AM. Afterschool Clubs: Soccer K-3, Chess K-5, Art Club 3-5, Parkour K-2, Spanish K-5

    Coming Up:

    Saturday, November 23 – Conference Day #1
    Monday, November 25 – Conference Day #2
    Tuesday, November 26 – Conference Day #3
    November 25 – 29 – School is closed for Conferences and Thanksgiving Break


    Dragon Dens

    One of the core beliefs of B. F. Day elementary is that we support and encourage socio-emotional growth for students and each other. Dragon Dens are monthly group meetings of mixed-grade groups who meet with the same adult every month. Students read books and engage with activities related to current topics and events, as well as conduct Q&A and workshops for the students to practice socio-emotional generosity and sensitivity. Ask your student about their dragon den, as they are a very special part of our school community. Our first Dragon Den this year will be held the afternoon of November 21.

    Pictures Home Tomorrow

    Student retakes will be taken Monday morning, November 18. If you need retakes be sure to return your child’s unwanted pictures with them that day. For those that were not here for the October pics we have order forms available in the office. Please return order to your classroom on Retake Day, November 18 or order online at Any questions? You may contact O’Connor at 1-800- 993-4929.

    Emergency Forms

    Approximately 155 families did not update their emergency information for their children. This can be done by parents every September online. If you did not update your information or verify the information to contact you in an emergency we will have a Verification Form at your Parent/Teacher conference for you to fill out. Please fill it out after your conference and return it to the office the day you are here – ‘touch it once’. We will update any changes immediately. If at any time during the school year your phone, address, or email changes please notify the office. Thank you!

    Counselor News

    Hello generous BF Day Families,

    This year at BF Day we have at about 13 families who need assistance this holiday season. We are asking for donations of Gift Cards from Fred Meyer. This money will go towards food, clothes and maybe a few toys.

    If you can participate, please bring the purchased gift card into the office and either give it to Carrie or put it in the PTSA mailbox by this Friday 12/13 so we can get them to families the following week.

    The support that you are able to give our community is amazing and each family is grateful for your generosity. Sincerely, John Taylor, MA Ed., School Counselor 206- 252-6018

    Help for the Holidays?

    Please let Mr. Taylor if you could use help for the upcoming holidays. John Taylor, our counselor, can be contacted via email at or at 206-252-6018.

    LGBTQ Dinner

    Join us for the annual LGBTQ Families Dinner this Thursday, Nov. 14 from 6:00-8:00pm at Meany Middle School. Members of district leadership will be there to welcome LGBTQ families and their friends. All Seattle Public Schools families and staff are welcome to attend our community-building event. This event is brought to you by the Health Education Office. Dinner and entertainment will be provided.

    To reserve space at this popular event, please RSVP with the number of people in your party to Brennon Ham in the Health Education Office at 206-743-3564 or

    Two Job Openings

    The playground can be very fun. A high school diploma and volumes of patience required. This is for one spot on our playground from 11:15 – 12:45 daily and another position which will go between recess and the lunchroom for work. You are paid from 11 – 1 for email updates, payroll input etc. $15/hr. no benefits other than the joy of this job. Please let me or Ms. Carrie know if you are interested in this position. The opening is now but paperwork can take a couple weeks to process if you are not already an SPS hourly.

    Library News

    ➢ Library Committee: meets this Thursday, 2:40 in the library
    ➢ Global Reading Challenge: teams are being formed this week w/Ms. Noreng.
    o Books are available through the Seattle Public Library in a variety of formats:
    ▪ E-books, audiobooks and good old-fashioned print
    ▪ SPL link:

    ➢ BF Day Winter Book Fair: it’s coming ...
    o Dates: Wed-Fri, Dec. 11-13
    o Volunteers needed! Sign-up page coming soon!

    Lost and Found

    We are hoping as many hats, gloves, and coats can be reunited with their owners as possible. Our B. F. Day Lost and Found will be donated at Winter Break. Come by next week during conferences to claim your child's items. Our Lost & Found is normally located just inside the northeast doors, however, since there is so much in it the overflow is all along the main floor in the hallway on hangers. A tremendous thank you goes to our parents who have been helping to keep this organized!

    Parent/Teacher Conference Planning

    All Seattle Elementary Schools set aside three days for annual conferences, and each school then decides the exact dates and hours for conferences.

    BF Day will host conferences Saturday. Nov. 23 and then Monday, Nov 25 and Tuesday, Nov 26. If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please contact your child’s teacher(s) as soon as possible.

    There is no school for students the entire week, due to the conferences and then Thanksgiving break. There are some families who will be traveling for the entire week, and we understand how tempting it is to maximize time away on non-school days. However, it is difficult for teachers to reschedule a number of conferences to fit the travel needs of families. Our policy will be to work with you around scheduling a conference within a teacher’s normal working hours (7:25 – 2:55). We appreciate your understanding of the conference schedule as planned for elementary and K-8 schools. 

    Be sure to check the Lost & Found while you are here. All items will go charity before Winter Break.

    Image of a Camera with FLASH!Parent Guide to Photos Taken at School What all parents should know... 

    1. From a legal perspective, in spaces open to the public like a school event, there will be no expectation of privacy and people/parents are free to take photos.
    2. Seattle Public Schools does not have a policy that restricts parents from taking photos of students during school events or posting photos via social media.
    • This applies to parent volunteers on school sponsored field trips as well.
    3. Although PTAs are linked to schools, they are ‘parent’ organizations that are not subject to District photo policies (i.e. FERPA).
    4. Photos taken of students and posted in the hallways or in classrooms at school are subject to FERPA, so if a family has opted out via the FERPA form, it is not ok to post a student’s photo – school staff should be consulted before any student photos are posted at the school (PTA bulletin board, etc.).

    FERPA does not apply to photos taken and maintained by parents, because FERPA only applies to personally identifiable photos maintained by the district as part of a student’s educational record (photos taken by the district/staff and maintained by the district).

    What parent photographers should keep in mind...

    Be thoughtful...

    Before taking photos and especially before you upload, post or share a photo to social media, be sensitive to the fact that other parents may have concerns about their student’s photo being taken and/or possibly released via social media. Ask yourself how other parents might feel about the photo...

    If you proceed, please take the following into consideration:

    Be cautious about offering information on social media
    • Do not tag or identify the student(s) by name.
    • Don't post any other personally identifiable information about the student (address, birthdate, etc.).
    • Avoid posting the name of the school.

    Exceptions apply (e.g. If posting a photo to the school’s PTA website)

    Be technologically savvy
    • Before posting pictures via Social Media, ensure your privacy settings are updated/secure.
    • Turn off the geo-tag setting on your camera to prevent others from seeing your exact location.
    Most recent models of cameras have the default set to "on".
    • Avoid taking photos with other features that identify the location (landmarks, street signs, etc.).

    Be sensitive to context and perception
    • Don't take or post a photo of a student when he/she misbehaves.
    • Avoid pouty or angry faces.
    • Avoid photos of lone children that are not your own – focus on group photos.

    Photos should never be used for commercial purposes (i.e., for profit) unless appropriate releases are in place 


    B.F. Day Book Club for Adults -- Join Us This Thursday
    The B.F. Book Club is up and running and our first book club discussion is happening this Thursday, November 14th, come join us! We'll be at the Bounty in Wallingford from 7pm to 9ish chatting about the fascinating and funny Hollow Kingdom by local author Kira Jane Buxton. Everyone is welcome, whether you read the book or not or just want to come hang out.

    Visit the B. F. Day PTSA Website for more information and to stay connected!