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    SunDragons' Dayette | November 5, 2019
    Posted on 11/06/2019
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    What's Coming Up 

    Thur, Nov 7 | PTSA Direct Drive Begins, 4:30-6:30 PreK Curriculum Night in Library 
    Fri, Nov 8 | Instrumental Music in the am, 8am Lock Down drill, Afterschool: Soccer K-3, Chess K-5, Art Club 3-5, Parkour K-2, Spanish K-5
    Mon, Nov 11 | NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day
    Tues, Nov 12 | Afterschool: Drama K-1, Sewing 2-5, Board Games 2-5, Chess Club K-5, Pathfinder 4-5
    Wed, Nov 13 | WITS day, 1:10 Early release, Afterschool: Dinner Club, Art Club K-2, Hip Hop 2-5, Tennis K-5
    Thur, Nov 14 | Afterschool: Drama 2-5, World Dance K-2, Parkour 3-5, Bricks Challenge 1-3, Yoga K, Pathfinder 3-5
    Fri, Nov 15 | Instrumental music in the AM, Afterschool: Soccer K-3, Chess K-5, Art Club 3-5, Parkour K-2, Spanish K-5

    Monday, November 18 – Picture re-take day; WITS Celebration for 3rd grades at 6:00PM
    Saturday, November 23 – Conference Day #1
    Monday, November 25 – Conference Day #2
    Tuesday, November 26 – Conference Day #3
    November 25 – 29 – School is closed for Conferences and Thanksgiving Break


    Tues. Nov. 5th – Chat with the Principal Night – from 5:30 – 7:00

    The evening will be co- presented by Kenneth Maldonado, our 4th and 5th grade Math Teacher. His topic will be around Math strategies that your children are learning and the reasons these strategies are taught.

    New allocation – Head Teacher

    With the growth in student numbers and programs, BF Day has become eligible for additional support. Typically, schools of our size are allocated an Assistant Principal. There is a somewhat complicated formula for eligibility, and the allocation for administrative support is only granted during the spring staffing cycle. Because we have only recently become officially eligible, I have negotiated with district administration to acquire a full-time head teacher, effective December 1 .

    This position will function like an Assistant Principal, with the exception of supervising teachers. The posting is currently being advertised, and we will begin screening on Thursday. We will likely interview next Tuesday or Wednesday. The position is open to internal and external candidates, and we are aware of the implications with hiring an internal candidate. As with all SPS hiring, there is a team of staff members who interview and make the final decision on the chosen candidate.

    Cell Phone Dilemma

    We understand that parents sometimes find it necessary to give their child a cellphone. While this is not recommended at school, we request that the phone be kept in their backpack. Cell phones are not necessary during the school day. We have telephones in every room if a child needs to be allowed to make a call. We have had a few student cell phones brought out to recess, which should not happen. Please ask your children with phones to leave them in their backpack. Recess is for exercise and fresh air. If a child does bring out a cell phone, we take it for the day and return it to them at dismissal. If it happens a second time, we ask the parent to come to retrieve it. We appreciate your understanding.

    Two Job Openings

    Have you always had a burning desire to work with adorable small children? No experience needed, high school diploma and volumes of patience required. Eyes in the back of your head helps also. This is for one spot on our playground from 11:15 – 12:45 daily and another position which will go between recess and the lunchroom for work. You are paid from 11 – 1 for email updates, payroll input etc. $15/hr. no benefits other than the joy of this job. Please let me or Ms. Carrie know if you are interested in this position. The opening is now but paperwork can take a couple weeks to process if you are not already an SPS hourly.

    Parent/Teacher Conference Planning

    All Seattle Elementary Schools set aside three days for annual conferences, and each school then decides the exact dates and hours for conferences. BF Day will host conferences Saturday. Nov. 23 and then Monday, Nov 25 and Tuesday, Nov 26. If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please contact your child’s teacher(s) as soon as possible.

    There is no school for students the entire week, due to the conferences and then Thanksgiving break. There are some families who will be traveling for the entire week, and we understand how tempting it is to maximize time away on non-school days. However, it is difficult for teachers to reschedule a number of conferences to fit the travel needs of families. Our policy will be to work with you around scheduling a conference within a teacher’s normal working hours (7:25 – 2:55). We appreciate your understanding of the conference schedule as planned for elementary and K-8 schools. 

    Be sure to check the Lost & Found while you are here. All items will go charity before Winter Break.

    Vacation during school days

    As was mentioned in the conference planning section, our BF Day families sometimes opt to take vacations during school days. While travel can be educational, trips while school is in session create some issues for students and staff as we work to keep you child engaged after periods of missed instruction.

    Students are expected to be in school unless there is an illness, medical appointment or special circumstance that warrants missing part of a school day. For families who opt to take their child out of school on vacation, these days are considered unexcused absences.

    We believe the subject of student vacation during school time is an equity issue. Teachers have a limited amount of time to meet the needs of many students, and we cannot use valuable instructional or planning time to help with vacation plans for those with privilege.

    A certain level of flexibility is needed as teachers meet the needs of their students. Therefore, providing work for unexcused absences can be challenging. Even with advanced planning, teachers are not able to replicate the quality instructional experiences that a child will miss.

    Our building expectation is that parents will refer to classroom newsletters to determine what content is missed during unexcused absences. Specific math workbook pages may be available, depending on how a teacher’s planning and instructional progress are aligned to the period your child may be away from school.
    We appreciate your understanding.

    Attendance reminder

    Over the last two weeks the number of students arriving late has drastically increased. No doubt the shorter, darker days are contributing to that increase. However, daylight will continue to decrease, so it is important to help your students arrive to school on time. As a reminder: the first bell rings at 7:50 a.m. Your student is expected to be at school and lining up with their class at that time. The second bell rings at 7:55. Students should be in their classroom, ready to begin their learning day. Students arriving after 7:55 are considered tardy and should come to the office for a late slip.

    The first 10 minutes are essential for all our student’s success and sets the tone for the day. This is when the schoolwide morning announcements are made, followed by the classroom teacher directions. When students arrive late, it’s a disruption for the entire class. The teacher must restart lessons or spend one-on- one time to bring the late student up to speed. If there’s multiple students that arrive late, this can be very disruptive.

    Ideas to help on-time arrival:

    -Establishing a nighttime and morning schedule
    -Ensuring your student is getting to bed on-time consistent
    -Preparing outfits, lunches, and backpacks the night before
    -Scheduling appointments for after school or no school days

    Fortunately, this weekend is Daylight Saving Time, so hopefully, waking up will be a bit easier. Please let us know if there’s something we can do to help.

    Library News! 

    • Next Library Committee Meeting: 2nd Thurs, 11/14 in the library
      Come learn how you can help support our library program and share your own great ideas! Staff, parents, families, students welcome 😉!

    • Global Reading Challenge2019-20 Global Reading Challenge: View the 2019-20 titles on the SPL site that have just been revealed! 
      E books, audio books and print copies available at your local Seattle Public Library branch (teams will have access to BF Day copies soon). *Fremont branch has print copies available for “checkout-free” borrowing (you don’t need a library card).

      - What is it?

      The Global Reading Challenge is a reading incentive program for 4th and 5th graders enrolled in Seattle Public Schools. Students form teams and read 10 books, then take part in a trivia competition to determine the winner for the city of Seattle.

      - GRC goals:
      To ensure the participation of children with higher and lower reading scores throughout the city.
      To foster teamwork and cooperative thinking.
      To build strong relationships between The Seattle Public Library and Seattle Public Schools.
      To share quality children’s literature with the participants that represents a diversity of experiences at a variety of reading levels.
      To promote the love of reading and have fun!

    Rocket and Moon DrawingVolunteers needed to help to lead lunchtime team meetings and to write up practice questions.

    Contact Mr. Hammer if interested:




    Today, your child is bringing home a golden envelope. Please review the important information on how the PTSA plans to fund vital aspects of our childrens' education this year. Then fill out the pledge card (both sides) and return it in the envelope by November 19.

    Every donation, no matter the size, is essential. Last year families donated anywhere from $5 to $4,000 and every dollar made a difference to our school.

    How to contribute? You may enclose cash/check in the provided envelope and return with your pledge card, or pay via Venmo or PayPal per the pledge card. Or click this link to pay online... monthly payment options are available

    Questions? Email Kyle Zeller or Chelsea Kane at

    Visit the B. F. Day PTSA Website for more information and to stay connected!