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    September 17, 2019 | Sun Dragons' Dayette
    Posted on 09/19/2019
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    What's Coming Up 

    Tuesday, September 17 - PTSA Fall Executive Board Meeting, Library
    Wednesday, September 18 - 1:10 Early release
    After-School Activities Sign Up begins, 3:00 Campus Security walkthrough
    Monday, September 23 - 7:55 All School assembly in gym for Grades K - 5, Advanced Learning Deadline for parents
    Wednesday, September 25 - 1:10 Early release, 5:30 - 7:00 New Family potluck dinner in cafeteria

    Security Updates

    Last week, I shared information about an alleged incident involving a first grader. This incident is still being investigated by Seattle Police, and they have interviewed the student and staff earlier today. They are planning to seek out any clues they can in terms of following-up with staff and neighbors. They are taking this very seriously, and I am impressed with how thorough they have been. They will be in touch with me on how things are progressing.

    In working with our district security team, we will be meeting with a specialist on Wed at 3:00 to review our playground gates and policies to see ways we can improve student safety. Many parents have made suggestions and recommendations and we will see how they can be incorporated into our daily operations.

    Watchful in Traffic

    We have had several reports from parents around concerns about drivers and bikers not paying attention to our students and their families. Please be very vigilant when teaching your kids how to cross in crosswalks or corners, to wait until after the light has changed and then to continue to watch for cars even though it should be safe to cross. Many drivers are distracted of late. With the darkness approaching it gets even harder to see kids, so reflectors are very helpful. We are also aware that the trees are too low near the lights on Fremont and that bikers are frequently “flying” through the crosswalk at times – against the light. All these incidents have been reported to SDOT and they have passed them on to the police and urban forestry team.

    Art News

    Hello BF Day Family,

    For those of you that do not know me, my name is Ms. Pierce. This is my 10th year teaching in Seattle Public Schools and my 5th year teaching art at BF Day! I am very excited about this new school year and am looking forward to another year of success for all students in art.

    Due to the PTA’s generous contribution to the arts and what money we raised last year at the auction, the art room has a $3000.00 budget for supplies. In addition, I was awarded $450.00 from Artist Home foundation for volunteering my time teaching art at a music festival over the summer. I chose to have the full amount donated to the BF Day art program. This means we are at roughly $8.50 per student for the year for art supplies for the 2019/2020 school year! This is a wonderful increase from previous years and students will have access to some better and new supplies this year.

    We are beginning the year with the entire school working on self-portraits. Portraits will be focused on the individual student and they will create works of art that express their own unique individuality. The guidelines are head, neck and shoulders (portrait) and within that they are encouraged to create an image that they feel depicts themselves. Some are more realistic, and others are more abstract, but all express the uniqueness of each student here in our community. Our focus is on line, shape and color. These will be hung all over the school in order to reflect the wonderfully diverse community we have here at BF Day.

    Another new thing happening here for the enrichment team is consistency between art, music and PE. We are working on a team to come up with common language to create a less chaotic transition time and to create a bit more predictability during times that can sometimes be stressful for students. As students enter music, PE and Art they will point to a heart, hand or music note that are posted outside of all our doors. Students will pick which one works for them for that day. A heart is a hug, a hand is a high five and the music note is a little jig/dance. It has worked beautifully so far, and it creates a very easy and seamless transition.

    I will be looking for classroom volunteers this year more than ever as our class loads have increased with our population increasing here at BF Day. Please be on the lookout for opportunities to help out in art this year!

    Yours in Art,
    Janine Pierce

    Surplus & PTSA Clean-out

    Our PTSA has helped clean out their former storage area in Room 101, now that this is a Resource Room classroom. We appreciate all the support in sorting, donating and discarding items that have collected over the years. Thank you!

    Day of Caring Wow!

    Thanks to Hilarie Luther’s great organizing and Microsoft for providing volunteers for The United Way Day of Caring. Many indoor and outdoor chores were worked on accomplished last Friday. We so appreciate the support!

    Seattle Audubon Society’s Finding Urban Nature is coming to B.F. Day!

    The Third Grade Team is looking for volunteers for our Audubon program. The fall dates that FUN happens in 3rd Grade are October 1, 8, 15, 22 The time commitment is from: 9:40am-12:05pm. Please contact Janet Sawyer, if you are interested in supporting this program.

    Opening Day Packet

    Great job families! We have many returns on the signature page for understanding our Behavioral Expectations. Many of you have also gone online to update the other necessary items. This greatly enhances the safety for all students – having their correct emergency information: Start of School Forms If you complete this Student Data Verification Form on line there is no need to print and submit this form. It is urgent that you complete it if you have not completed the Verification Form online: Emergency and Student Release Form

    If parents or guardians change their email address on the Data Verification form, they will need to set up their Source account using the NEW email address:

    My Raincoat is missing

    Your Lost & Found is located just inside the northeast door entrance. Please check it frequently if you’re missing anything. It is extremely full already! We will donate left over items three times per year; Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer Break.

    Library News

    • BF Day library classes have begun with K-3 classes enjoying the precautionary tale, We Don't Eat Our Classmates!, by Author and Illustrator, Ryan T. Higgins.

    • Library Committee Meetings: Our first meeting this year will be Thursday, 9/26 in the library. This a great way to learn about our library program, volunteer opportunities and share your own ideas for how we can enhance this valuable resource for our amazing students. Staff, parents, families, students all welcome! Future committee meetings will be scheduled on the 2nd Thursday of the month, starting at 2:45.

    • Parent library accounts: yes, parents and guardians can create their own library accounts! Creating your own library account is a great way to support your child’s appetite for great books. Just stop by the library when Mr. Hammer is in to create yours.

      *SPS school libraries do not charge late fees for overdue books.

    Ken Hammer
    Visit the B.F. Day webpage too for more updates!

    Advanced Learning Opportunity

    Refer your child on the Source, Families who wish to have children tested for Highly Capable, or Advanced Learner, eligibility refer children on the Source. Parents may also refer on paper referrals (available in nine languages.) These resources can be found electronically on the Advanced Learning K-8 Schoology page. The open window for parents to refer is May 15 – September 23, 2019. Questions? Call 206-252-0130 or

    School Supply Plan – Please send, if you haven’t done so yet!

    Classroom Configurations

    The district plans to announce any changes to general education funding tomorrow, Sept. 18th. I will keep you posted.

    Field Trips and School Pay

    School Pay is the method we use to collect funds for field trips. Once I have approved a classroom’s field trip that trip will be listed on SchoolPay so that you can fund your child’s trip. Room 310, Ms. Sawyer’s trip is listed. This is the best and preferred method to pay for trips. Please use this link as a guideline on how to use it if you are new to School Pay.

    PTSA Information

    B. F. Day After-School Activities for Fall 2019 start October 9th. Online registration between Wednesday 9/18 thru Monday 9/23. Registration and class descriptions will be available soon on the B.F. Day PTSA website at ! 

    Ever want to reach out the parents of your child's new BFF to arrange a playdate? Want to get a BF Day sports team signed up with the other kids in your children's grades? Now you'll be able to do that with the online directory!

    Please sign up for the BF Day Online Directory by filling out this form:

    New Family Potluck

    Wednesday, September 25, 2019
    5:30pm in the cafeteria

    Please bring something to share.
    Food assignments: A-L Main courses
    M-Q Salad or R-Z Dessert

    B.F. Day DragonThe PTSA will provide plates, utensils, napkins and drinks. See you there!

    Questions? Please email  Please consider coming whether or not you can bring a dish – there will be plenty to share!

    Visit the B. F. Day PTSA Website for more information and to stay connected!