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    August 30, 2019 | Sun Dragons' Dayette
    Posted on 08/13/2019
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    What's Coming Up

    Wednesday, Sept 4 - First Day of School for 1 - 5 grades!
    Full Day of School to 2:25pm - Not an early release day
    Partnership conferences for Pre-K and K
    Thursday, September 5 - 7:55 Welcome Back assembly in gym
    Partnership conferences for Pre-K and K
    Friday, September 6 - Partnership conference for Pre-K and K
    Monday, September 9 - 7:55 All school assembly in gym - CANCELLED
    Wednesday, September 11 - 1:10 Early release
    Friday, September 13 - 9:00 - 3:00 United Way Day of Caring

    On the first day of school

    ARRIVAL: Students and parents may report directly to classrooms between 7:40 and 7:55. There will be greeters available if you forgot the room number or need help finding the classroom. Each room will have a check-in sheet titled “How is my child getting home today?” We request that you list either parent pick-up or bus, with the correct route number. Parents are then invited to the library for a Back to School connection.

    Our PTSA will have coffee and snacks on hand, and I will offer some information and reminders to the group. It is important to remember that bus service on the first few days will likely be off schedule as drivers and students learn their routines.

    PARKING: Parking at BFDay is extremely limited, so we recommend walking to school whenever possible. If you drive, please consider parking on Fremont Ave N or other side streets. Please remember there is a staircase from Fremont Ave N directly onto our playground. We recommend avoiding Linden Ave N., especially at dismissal time. Buses are parked for over 10 minutes, and the street is very narrow.

    DISMISSAL: Prior to dismissal, teachers will check in with students to make sure they know the plan for how they are getting home. At 2:25, teachers walk their classes outside. Students who ride the bus will be monitored as they walk to their correct bus. The drivers will check students’ names to make sure they are listed on their route. They will also confirm which stop they will exit the bus. Please be sure to have your child is familiar with this information.

    Students who are adult pick-ups will be reunited with their parent/designee on the playground. Teachers will release students one by one, asking if they see their parent. Teachers watch to make sure that students are safely reconnected with an adult. If you are running late, please don’t worry! At 2:35, any students who haven’t been picked up will be escorted back to the office and we will call you.

    AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: After the first day of school, students will line up in the morning and teachers will escort them to classrooms after the 7:50 bell. Parents are welcome to connect on the playground and socialize as students walk inside.

    All other arrival and dismissal procedures remain the same. After 2 weeks, daily attendance is not taken by the bus drivers, and this increases their punctuality greatly.

    School Bus Info

    School Bus Cartoon with studentsThe School District, Department of Transportation makes transportation decisions and will mail a notice to your home August 26. Please watch for it and save so you have the bus number, stop and times your child is coming to and from school. If you need a change immediately contact the department at or by calling 206-252-0900. Email is usually more immediate. Waiting on the phone can take some time, this is especially true when buses are running and the first couple of weeks of school.

    At this time the 671 bus is full for the Wallingford Boys & Girls Club this year. There are 10 kids on the pending list and 24 kids are attending but have not called or emailed to get on the list. Three are on the bus but have not changed their stop to the B & G Club.
    For playdates, the school office can issue a yellow card for that day. Please be sure to get an email or note to the office early in the morning for that afternoon or as ahead as you know. Information needed is your child’s name and classroom at day end. The child they’re going home with and that child’s bus and stop if you know it.

    Bell Schedule

    Start and End Time:
    7:55 a.m. - 2:25 p.m.

    Early Release Wednesday:
    7:55 a.m. - 1:10 p.m.

    Children can be here as early as 7:35 a.m. when adult supervision begins. Breakfast, library and outside are options until first bell at 7:50 a.m. when they line up outside. They should be seated ready to learn at 7:55 a.m. Dismissal is from the playground to parents/caregivers or to the bus if they take it. The Boys & Girls Club picks up near the rooms after school for those staying onsite.

    School Supply Plan

    Image of chalkboard apple, pens, calculator, bus and other school suppliesThe PTSA is collecting a flat amount for school supplies for the upcoming school year. Please consider giving a suggested minimum $40/child to the school before AUGUST 30 for school/art supplies. The funds will be batched together where the front office and your child’s teacher will order in bulk for the classroom and art room. This allows us to save a tremendous amount of money and ensures the teachers receive the supplies they need.

    Benefits to you: Benefits to the school:
     No running around last-minute finding supplies (saving gas and energy)
     Teachers ensure they receive the supplies they need/require
     You don’t need a supply list Lower cost due to bulk ordering
     You won’t be inadvertently purchasing supplies that the classroom won’t use
     Less 1st day of school supply management

    You can PayPal the funds to the PTSA at or Venmo @BFDayElementary

    You can also write a check and drop it off or mail it to BF Day Elementary School 3921 Linden Ave N. Seattle, WA 98103 by AUGUST 30, 2019. Be sure to include your students' name(s) with your payment.  Thank you!

    Family assistance is also available upon request. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Questions? Email Carrie Bauer at or call 206-252-6010.

    Classroom Configurations

    As I have been reporting since our Spring staffing, our enrollment numbers have been increasing over the initial projections in February. As a result, we were allocated one additional classroom in June, and there is a strong possibility of yet another classroom after school starts in September. District policy is to monitor enrollment at schools over the first 5 days of school, and then a decision to collapse or expand the number of homerooms district-wide is finalized.

    At this time, we have about 100 Kindergarten students enrolled, with 4.5 classrooms planned. Thus, the new classroom will allow for a 5th K classroom, and the K-1 classroom can become a 1-2 classroom as we originally planned. This will bring some relief in the K-2 classrooms school-wide.

    At the recent Jump-Start parent orientation, I asked for patience in this process, as we are working as hard as we can to be proactive with class placement decisions. The reality is that there will be some adjustments needed in September, but we are planning for these to affect as few students and families as possible.

    Puyallup Fair Tickets

    The Washington State Fair (formerly known as the Puyallup Fair) tickets have arrived! (Please remember that children 5 and under are free, so many of your Kindergartener’s will not need a ticket.) Please remember one ticket per student over five years of age. Adult tickets are only available for staff. We will have tickets available in the school office.

    * The Washington State Fair would like to extend an invitation to you and your students to visit the Washington State Fair, August 31 – September 23, 2018. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Washington State Fair is making complimentary tickets available to each student and school employee to be used any day of the Washington State Fair (closed Tuesdays and Sept 5 Wednesday). It is the intention of the Washington State Fair that students and staff from our area be exposed to the rich educational opportunities. We value the opportunity to share this unique experience with your students and staff. Please note that the fraudulent use of the tickets will put the continuation of this program in jeopardy.

    Breakfast & Lunch Free/Reduced Meal Applications

    Every year we have families that believe their free/reduced meal application is still valid from the previous year or a family now qualifies but does not fill out the form before October 1. This form must be filled out EVERY YEAR. Some of our school funding beyond meals are dependent on this form being completed if you qualify. Please take the time to complete this form. Email or call our office if you need help. We are happy to help you with it.

    Online Free/Reduced Lunch Application | You can apply for free and reduced price meals online with our safe, private, and secure application on PayPams. Please visit the SPS Nutrition Services page at to fill out your form online.

    Submitting Applications Before the School Year Begins
    (Very Important for your child’s peace of mind)

    We encourage all eligible families to submit a new application for free and reduced price meals prior to the start of each new school year. This allows the application to be processed and the correct eligibility established before school starts. Families have the ability to fill out the Free and Reduced Price Meal Application online at Copies of applications are available at every school office and lunchroom. Completed applications should be mailed to:
    Nutrition Services - MS: 32-372 Seattle Public Schools
    2445 3rd Ave S
    P.O. Box 34165
    Seattle, WA 98124

    Applications can also be emailed to, or faxed to 206-252-0664. The school office can also turn this in for you. The English version is now available on the table right outside our office.

    Emergency Information | Update On Sept 4

    In case of Emergency we typically use information that you provided in PowerSchool. Please take the time to look at your information to see if it is correct. Sooner the better. Our office staff would prefer, and it is safer to complete this task on September 4. Please mark your calendars now. We will print a form for you and make the changes if you request it, but please let us know as soon as possible if that is the case.

    The Student Verification Form will be available for you to confirm and update online through The Source Sept. 4-30. Students marked as confidential or with a no contact order must provide data verification through a paper form to protect privacy and safety.

    Academic Success = Great Attendance

    Students are expected to be in class at 7:55 a.m. Breakfast begins at 7:35 a.m. Students who come in right at 7:55 a.m. and want breakfast are then going to be considered late. Please do your best to be on time in consideration of your child and others in the classrooms. Here are the specific steps we will be taking:

    • Conduct home visits/phone calls with families who were chronically absent the previous year. These efforts will take place in August.
    • Follow a consistent protocol for each late or absence incident:
    o 1st Unexcused Late (UL) or Unexcused absence (UA): Office will call parent with concern, state what is best for your child, reiterating guidelines from Attendance Works. Ask how we can help your child get to school on time or to be here whenever they are not ill.
    o 2nd UL or UA: Principal calls parent the day of late or day of absence with the same concern as above. Reiterates what is best for your child and how disruptive it is for the teacher and the students when kids come in late. How they miss important information.
    o 3rd UL or UA: In school meeting with principal/Counselor OR home visit. School staff reiterates concerns above and the team looks for solutions.
    o 4th UL or UA: Parent(s) is asked to come to school to discuss and sign an attendance agreement. 

    Lost & Found

    In a preventative mode, please mark your child’s clothing, lunchbox, water bottle, etc. with their name so that we can get it back to them when found. Every year we give hundreds of coats etc. to charity three times per year; Winter Break, Spring Break, and year end.

    The Lost & Found is primarily located in at the northeast entrance door just inside on or near a coatrack. Before giving it to charity we try to hang it up along the main floor hallway, so it gets more notice. Please check the Lost & Found frequently.

    New Staff Members

    We are welcoming some additional new team members to our B.F. Day staff! We will have additional details and pics before the start of school.

    • Koshtra Tolle is our new Access Teacher

    • Zoey Dunne is our new Psychologist
    • Reny Mathan will be teaching Kindergarten in Room 205. (She is replacing Hanna Stevens, who is now teaching a new combination classroom in Room 300.)

      Reny Mathan Kindergarten TeacherMy name is Reny Mathan and I am thrilled to be joining the teaching community at B. F. Day as a Kindergarten teacher. This is my first year of teaching after completing a Masters in Teaching at the University of Washington. Prior to that I worked as an engineer at software companies for 20 years after completing a bachelors in Electronics Engineering at the University of Western Australia.

      I grew up in Fremantle, Australia and enjoy traveling there to visit my family and friends. I live in Seattle and enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, but mostly spending time with my two daughters, husband and pet cat.

      I am eagerly looking forward to working with the community at B F Day and to getting to know you all.

    • Alicia Highland will be a Special Education Assistant in Room 312’s Access program. (She is replacing Mignon Nall, who moved to Austin.)

    • Fekadu Tuli is our next Bilingual I.A. replace Joel Fisaha who is now full time at Rogers Elementary.
    • Tracy Anderson is a new 1st grade teacher.

      Tracy Anderson 1st Grade TeacherHi, my name is Tracy Anderson and I am excited to join the 1st grade team at B.F. Day next school year. I was born in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from the Northern Arizona University with a degree in Elementary and Special Education. After teaching English as a Second Language for two years, I pursued my Master's degree in Library and Information Science. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach a diverse population of children, working adults and returning students. I currently teach 2nd grade at Stevens Elementary. I am passionate about teaching all subjects and love finding new ways to integrate core skills like reading, writing and math into our everyday lives. Most importantly, I want to help my students develop a positive self-esteem about themselves and an excited attitude about their learning. When I am not teaching, I can be found performing with the Woodland Park Players, running through the streets of Ballard and Fremont and caring for my two boys – both students at Hamilton International Middle School. I look forward to joining the B.F. Day community and meeting you in the fall.
    • Deborah deRaadt is our new Preschool Special Education teacher.

      Deborah deRaadt Preschool Special Education TeacherMy name is Deborah deRaadt and I am so excited to be the new special education teacher for the preschool program, SPP+. I bring over 6 1/2 years of experience with special education preschool with Seattle Public Schools and am just completing my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from City University of Seattle.

      I am originally from Vancouver, Canada, and have been living in the US for 16 years with my husband and son. I love to travel, hike, kayak, and camp. The Pacific Northwest has so much to offer in scenic outdoor experiences, amazing food, and fun festivals. I love living here and look forward to joining the B.F. Day community. 

    School Nurse News

    Welcome back B.F. Day families! To prepare for a healthy and safe 2019-20 school year, please provide updated health and medication information on your child early. Please complete paperwork early and return it to the nurse’s office before the 1st day of school in September. Here’s a list to check off before school begins in September: 

    Immunizations Up to Date? IVaccinationf you received a letter from Health Services requesting information about immunizations, please make sure that your child has completed the immunization(s) listed and bring documentation of the immunization to the school nurse. NOTE: The personal exemption for measles is no longer allowed. For school attendance, students must have proof of measles immunization. Exemptions for medical or religious reasons are still allowed. Immunizations are mandated by state law to help keep your child and our community safe and healthy.

    Medication FormMedication Form”Authorization for Medication at School” form (one for each medication signed by you AND your health care provider).
    *This form is required for all medications, including over-the-counter.

    MedicationMedicine Bottle and Epi PinAll medications must be in their original container with a pharmaceutical label. Emergency medications must be in the building on or before the first day of school.
    *Check medication expiration dates! Try to get medications that that will cover the entire school year.

    Health Plans2 Figures Arms Around Each OtherHealth Care Plans were sent home with students on the last day of school. Please review them and return to the school nurse on the first day of school. If you need another copy or have any questions, please let the school nurse know.


    Flu Clinic | The Seattle Visiting Nurse Association will be providing flu shots this fall for anyone who would like to receive one. This will be open to students, staff, and anyone in the community. They are scheduled to be at our school on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 from 9:30-11:30 AM. Consent forms will be included in the 1st Day packet.


    At B.F Day Elementary School, the health and safety of our students is a high priority. Students with a reported life-threatening condition, such as a life-threatening allergy, MUST have emergency medication on or before the 1st day of school.

    If you believe your child no longer has a life-threatening allergy or condition:
    • Request a medical note from your health care provider that clearly states that there is no life-threatening condition that requires emergency medication.
    • The medical note must be received on or before the 1st day of school for your child to be allowed to attend classes without the emergency medication.

    Thank you for attending to these important matters. I look forward to another great school year!

    Sophie Bo, BSN RN
    B.F. Day School Nurse
    Fax: 206.743-3108

    PTSA Information

    B. F. Day After-School Activities for Fall 2019 start October 9th. Online registration between Wednesday 9/18 thru Monday 9/23. Registration and class descriptions will be available soon on the B.F. Day PTSA website!