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    SunDragons' Dayette March 12, 2019
    Posted on 03/12/2019
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    B.F. Day Weekly Principal News 




    Upcoming Dates

    - Thursday, March 28, 1:15 – 2:15 – Dragon Den
    - Friday, March 29 – School Spirit Day – Dress up as favorite movie or book character
    - Saturday, March 30 – Marvelous Arty Party, 6:00 – 11:00 p.m.
    - Thursday, March 31, 9:30-12:45 – 5th Grade to Bureau of Fearless Ideas
    - Thursday, April 4 – 6:30 – 8:00 - Save the Date – Meet the Principal for 5th grade parents of Hamilton Middle School 5th Grade Risers

    Revised Dates

    • Friday, June 21st – 5th grade Promotion at 1:00PM
    • Tuesday, June 25th – Village Day in the afternoon

    Principal News

    Next Year Planning
    One of the projects this time of year for myself, our BLT, and our to work on next year’s plans. One thing you can help us with is letting us know as soon as you know if you are not returning to B. F. Day next year. Simply send an email to or call the office at 206-252-6010. There is 24/7 voice mail if you’d like to leave a message.

    B. F. Day Green Team Registration
    Our Green Team works on our Grounds/gardens, Transportation, Water, Building, Energy, Waste and Recycling improvements for our school. Last week some of our former members taught the Sounders how to properly dispose of their waste. Many of the Sounders are new to our area and to proper recycling. Registration for Green Team is due by 2:30 this Friday, March 15. A registration form is attached at the end of the Dayette.

    Spring Testing

    Students in Grades 3 – 5 will be participating in Spring Testing a week after we return from Spring Break. All Grade 3 – 5 students will take the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English/Language Arts and Math. In addition, 5th grade students will take the Washington Comprehensive Assessment in Science (WCAS). The Smarter Balanced Assessments have 2 parts for the English Language Arts and Math. There is a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) and a Performance Task (PT). We have reserved 3 testing periods of about 90 minutes each for each portion of the test. Since these are not timed, students may take longer. Most students finish after 2 – 3 days.

    Here is the summary

    Grade ELA (2 tests: CAT and PT) Math (2 tests CAT and PT) Science (1 test)
    3 4/29-5/3 and 5/9-5/13 5/16-5/20 and 5/24-5/29 NA
    4 4/22-4/26 and 5/6-5/10 5/21-5/23 and 5/30-6/3 NA
    5 4/22-4/26 and 5/6-5/10 5/21-5/23 and 5/30-6/3 5/14 or 5/15

    B. F. Day at The Seattle Mariners FLYER was sent home. The game is for April 14, 2019.


    An evening for B. F. Day parents of Pre-K-2nd graders

    THURS. APR 18
    6pm-7:30pm childcare provided

    Julietta Skoog is a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, with degrees in School Counseling and School Psychology and 15 years of experience in Seattle Public Elementary Schools. Her expertise includes early child development, autism, learning disabilities, anxiety, and behavior disorders, as well as leading groups and classroom lessons based on Positive Discipline, Social Thinking and Mindfulness. She is the mother of three children and the co-founder of Sproutable,, an online resource that helps parents raise good kids who grow up to be remarkable adults.

    Want to invite cooperation, responsibility, and help calm big emotions? Frustrated that your kids won't listen? Join us for this fun evening to learn how to support social emotional development at home and examples of how BF Day is implementing the principles at school. The Positive Discipline framework will be used to learn how to discipline with firmness and kindness, have fun as a parent, and set the foundation for important social and life skills. Help your child feel a sense of belonging and significance through mutual respect and encouragement. BASED ON JANE NELSON’S POSITIVE DISCIPLINE BOOKS