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    Sun Dragons Dayette

    Principal News

    Welcome again to all our new families and staff members! I look forward to working with you! I am resending much of our last Dayette, so you don’t miss anything.

    Negotiations Update (from the District website)
    Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Education Association Bargaining Update Aug. 31

    Educators are the heart of Seattle Public Schools. The district supports our educators and believe they deserve a fair and competitive salary that includes every dollar the state has provided for compensation. We must balance our desire to support our educators while at the same time sustaining critical services and programs students need and families expect. Even with offering every state dollar, starting in 2019-20 the district is projecting a budget shortfall that will grow over time.

    Tonight, the Seattle Education Association (SEA) representative assembly (building representatives) voted to introduce strike authorization at the SEA general assembly. The SEA general assembly (all SEA members) is meeting on Tuesday, August 28.

    A strike authorization does not mean educators are going on strike. Strike authorization gives the SEA bargaining team the authority to call a strike if an agreement is not reached. This is a normal procedural step if a tentative agreement between SEA and the district has not been reached prior to the general assembly meeting. The district and SEA continue to discuss important topics, including compensation, and will resume formal bargaining Wednesday morning. We remain optimistic that school will begin September 5.

    School Supplies

    As we did last year, we are again asking families for a suggested donation of $40/child to offset the cost of school supplies purchased in bulk by the school. Cash or checks payable to BF Day PTSA can be dropped off at the school in the PTSA mailbox or you can pay online at Please be sure to include your student's name(s) with your payment. Over 100 of our families have paid this fee so far. Thank you!

    This allows us to save a tremendous amount of money and ensures the teachers receive the supplies they need.

    Benefits to you:

    • No running around last-minute finding supplies (saving gas and energy)
    • You don’t need a supply list
    • You won’t be inadvertently purchasing supplies that the classroom won’t use

    Benefits to the school:

    • Teachers ensure they receive the supplies they need/require
    • Lower cost due to bulk ordering
    • Less 1st day of school supply management

    Family assistance is also available upon request.

    Please don’t hesitate to ask. Questions? Email Carrie Bauer at or call 206-252-6010.

    Upcoming Work Party

    City Serve and Hallow’s Church did amazing work here inside and out on August 18. We so appreciate them!

    We have another volunteer event coming up in September on the 14th. You will see many extra adults here helping with recess, organize and cleaning inside and continuing wonderful work outside on our grounds. This is called United Way Day of Caring. Microsoft, Impel and Fred Hutch staff will be here volunteering.

    Heads up Green Team Event

    September 19 a group of students with chaperones from the Green Team and the 3rd and 3-4 classrooms will attend an Event called “Water under the Bridge.” Ms. Carrie, Ms. Cerulia, and Ms. Sawyer will be sending home permission slips soon. Other children are welcome to join us with their parents. If you do want to attend this event you MUST RSVP by September 6. Reply to We will meet at The Troll at 1:35 for bridge historical information and then continue on down the hill, near Adobe, to meet with presenters unveiling the conceptual Aurora Bridge Bioswale Design and it’s impact on Salmon. Our students will have three different stations to learn at, snacks will be provided, and there will be a question and answer session ending at 3:00 p.m. More information and a short background video and information will be sent out in the Sept. 4 Dayette. Please don’t hesitate to call Ms. Carrie, 206-252-6010 if you have questions. Don’t delay in responding if you are interested as we must have a head count. Thank you!

    Revised Statements for 2018-2019

    As a preview, here are some of the revised statements that will be woven into our school culture this coming year:

    Mission Statement: We will nurture the holistic development of each child in a respectful environment while meeting individual academic needs through meaningful content, strategic use of resources, and collaborative partnerships with staff, families, and community.

    Vision Statement: We strive to be a community of lifelong learners who are caring, engaged and responsible in our world.

    “The B.F. Day Way:” B.F. Day learners are caring, engaged and responsible. (The former BF Day Way was: We are learners, we are safe, we are kind, and we make wise choices.)

    School Improvement Plan

    Each year, schools are required to create a plan for improvement after a careful review of our student and staff data. These plans are posted on the school website. There are requirements for 3rd grade literacy and 5th grade math, as well as strategies for reducing any achievement gaps. For next year, here are the BF Day goals:

    • Literacy: By the end of the calendar year, 90% of 3rd grade students will increase their ability to use text evidence in their reasoning, through learning key components of engaging in close reading of complex, grade-level texts. This will be measured by a written response to a reading passage 3 times a year.

    • Math: By the end of the calendar year, 90% of 5th grade students will increase their ability to answer story problems correctly on an End-of-Unit assessment. This will be measured by Post Assessments and SBAC data at the end of the year. There are at least 2 – 3 questions per Post-Assessment that ties to this goal.

    • School Culture: By June 2019, we will increase the favorability rating in the Spring Student Climate Survey in Social Emotional Learning to at least 80% and we will increase school safety to at least 75%.

    • Attendance: By June 2019, as a result of targeted interventions, we will reduce the absences for students of color from 11.9% to 8% or lower.

    Attendance Procedures

    We will be taking a more proactive stance when it comes to attendance next year. One problematic area concerns late arrivals. Students are expected to be in class at 7:55. Breakfast begins at 7:35. Students who come in right at 7:55 and want breakfast are then going to be considered late. View the specific steps we will be taking.

    Staffing Plan

    Here is how the new year is shaping up. New staff members are represented with a * after their name. As their photos and introductory statements are available, I will include them upcoming Dayette editions. The names in bold are those with the introductions to date. Enjoy!

    We do have some departures to announce, and these two staff members will be greatly missed!

    Our Nurse, Rebecca Dubin is leaving B.F. Day.

    I’m sorry to let you know that for family reasons, I won’t be returning to BF Day this fall. I’m changing schools so I can help get my younger daughter to and from her new school in Beacon Hill. I’m sad to leave this wonderful community and will miss everyone very much. Thank you for helping me feel a part of your family; you are all in my heart!

    I am pleased to introduce Sophie Bo as your new school nurse. Sophie will be a wonderful addition to the BF Day family! She and I are working together to help make this transition go smoothly. Sophie will have a work email address very soon; in the meantime, you can email me and I will forward them on, or call and leave a voicemail for her at 206-252-6017.

    Please stay in touch. I’d truly love to hear how you/your family are doing. All my best to you!

    Nurse Rebecca

    We are also losing Mr. Zillig, as he becomes a part of the administration team at Lowell Elementary.

    Farewell to the BF Day family from Mr. Zillig.

    It is with a heavy heart that I bring the bittersweet news that I will not be returning to BF Day in the fall. I have been offered a position as Assistant Principal at Lowell Elementary. So, I am excited to embark on this new and challenging adventure. However, BF Day has been an important part of my life and my teaching career for the last nine years. It has become a bit like my home. I have loved and learned so much from being a part of this wonderful family and community. Thank you to all who have supported me. While I must say farewell to my colleagues, friends, mentors, students, and families, I will not say good-bye as I hope to come back and visit the family school. To come back and reminisce and reconnect. To come home, if only for a visit. Thank you BF Day.

    Mr. Zillig

    New Staff Members!

    • Stephanie Hill - Grade 1/2
    • Hanna Stevens - Kindergarten
    • Laurie Yarger - Preschool Special Education
    • Emilie Trott - Preschool Teacher
    • David Bauernfeind - Special Education Teacher, Social Emotional Learning Program, Intermediate Grades
    • Gabby Ivy - Preschool Tutor, Room 202

    View staff profiles and contact information

    Grade/Program Teacher Room
     Preschool Megan Rupert* 202
     Preschool Assistant Robin Peterson* 202
     Preschool Tutor Gabby Ivy 202
     Preschool Emilie Trott* 206
     Preschool Assistant Monica Geer 206
     Preschool Special Education Laurie Yarger* 202/206
     K Kathleen Kendrick 203
     K Lauren Smith* 204 (former art room)
     K Hanna Stevens Morin* 205 (former Leadership room)
     K Shellie Ferrel 207 (former Tech lab)
     1 Britta Steel 302
     1 Jaimee Papineau 303
     1/2 Stephanie Hill* 304
     2 Elizabeth Dawson 301
     2 Eloise Davis 305
     3 Roxana Cerulia 311
     3/4 Janet Sawyer 310
     MMS Math Kenneth Maldonado 307
     MMS Literacy Randi Noreng 308
     MMS Science Joe Olegario 309
     Library Ken Hammer Library
     Counselor John Taylor Office
     Visual Arts Janine Pierce 105 (former PTSA room)
     Physical Education Vince Delaney Gym
     Music Eleni Semandiris* 104
     Intervention Services Julie Gjording 306
     Intervention Services Shannon Obermiller 306
     English Language Learners Teresa Dang 306
     Access – Special Education Kayla Nunez 312
     Resource – Special Education Jennifer Cooper 300
     Social Emotional Learning – Special Education (intermediate) David Bauernfeind 102
     Social Emotional Learning – Special Education (primary) Ron Beck 103
     Special Education Assistant Hannah Hislop* 102
     Special Education Assistant “Woody” Frank 103
     Special Education Assistant Luke Imboden* 312
     Special Education Assistant Claire McCallum 300/312
     Special Education Assistant Dirk Peterson 102
     Special Education Assistant Richard Schlichting* 103
     Special Education Assistant Mignon Denton* 312
     Office Manager Carrie Bauer Office
     Office Assistant Sanja Haas Office
     Speech Michele Jauregui Office
     OT/PT Carolyn Anderson 300
     Psychologist Vacant* Office
     Principal Stan Jaskot Office
     Nurse Sophie Bo* Office
     3.5 hourly assistant Sonja Pagni Various classrooms
     3.5 hourly assistant Alem Mengiste Various classrooms