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    Volunteer at B.F. Day

    Arms reaching out in a circleThe staff at B.F. Day considers parents, guardians and community volunteers to be very special resources. Parents, guardians and others are encouraged to help in all classrooms, programs, and extracurricular activities. If you have time and skills you can donate, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or call the school office at 206-252-6010.

    Seattle Public Schools is grateful for each parent and community member who contributes to the success of students. We have thousands of volunteers who work in a variety of capacities in Seattle Public Schools. There many ways to volunteer. Seattle Public Schools Policy No. 5630 recognizes the valuable contribution by volunteers. In order to provide students with a safe environment and allow for a variety of opportunities for volunteering, please complete the volunteer forms.

    Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:


    PTSA is an active fund-raising and morale-building coalition composed of B.F. Day staff members and parents, legal guardians and students. Please visit the B.F. Day PTSA website at: to learn more.

    Village Day - June 8, 2018 

    Activity Coordinator - Janet Sawyer

    Village Day is one of the most-anticipated events of the school year! This year’s Village Day is June 8th, 2018! Each classroom will plan, develop, and staff its own business or service with the help of the Fremont community, parents and other volunteers. Some of the creative businesses from the past include a library, radio station, pet store, thrift shop, greeting card shop, and a toy store! We hope you can join us this year!

    Students complete Village reflections each year. Here are a few testimonials J !

    What were your greatest challenges?

    “My greatest challenges were keeping up with the customers coming in and that it made my legs sore.”

    Third Grade Student

    Putting the money in the right spot.”

    Third Grade Student


    What were your greatest successes?

    “My greatest success was probably calming people down while they were waiting in line.”

    Third Grade Student

    “My greatest success was having fun!”

    Third Grade Student

    Please contact Janet Sawyer at ( for more information about volunteering for this exciting project!

    Spring Clean-up Daycleaning supplies

    Join us as we beautify the grounds around B.F. Day School. Several clean-up days will be announced throughout the year.

    The Learning Resource Center (Library)

    The Learning Resource Center is used daily by students and adults.

    Playground SupervisionPlayground slide

    Parents, guardians and people from the community are encouraged to help us supervise children during the morning and afternoon recess periods. 

    Special events, field trips and classroom activities

    Throughout the school year there are many opportunities to involve volunteers in extracurricular activities.

    Mentors & Tutors

    Students benefit greatly from the personalized attention of a mentor or tutor. We welcome those of you who would like to be a special friend to a student or someone who can assist children in class assignments.

    stack of booksReading & Math Helpers

    Reading and Math helpers are needed in each classroom to work 1-on-1 with students.

    Special Expertise

    If you have a talent or an area of expertise you can share with us, please do! We could use volunteer assistance in our office, with students, on the grounds, and on everything from mechanical to health and nutrition matters.

    Computer Labtwo students working at a computer

    Each classroom visits the computer lab weekly with the help of parents and volunteers.

    Community Partners

    Many businesses such as Fremont Dock Co., Marketime Foods, Dr. Martin Cahn, Hales Ales, Fremont Rotary, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, PCC Fremont, the UPS Store in Fremont, Google, Starbucks @ Ballard Fred Meyer, Ballard Fred Meyer, Tutta Bella (Wallingford), Display and Costume, Metropolitan Market (Queen Anne), and Frame Up help B.F. Day by providing goods, services, and volunteers.

    Please contact Carrie Bauer ( in the Main Office 206-252-6010 to learn more about volunteering or the PTSA volunteer coordinator at