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    Sun Dragons' Dayette Sept 29, 2020
    Posted on 10/06/2020
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    Hope everyone is having a great week, so far! Natalie and I have been visiting class sessions and enjoying seeing your children in fun learning activities. We continue to work out the bugs in technology and overall systems for our remote learning times. During tomorrow’s early release session, our staff will be reviewing the feedback you have shared in the recent parent survey. (There is a bit more detail later in the Dayette) We will tackle two key areas around student engagement and assignments/schedules – the two highest needs from the survey. Natalie and I will follow-up with you regarding the specific actions each grade level will take, and we will continue to check in for your feedback.

    In the meantime, we appreciate everyone’s patience and resilience so far this year. Our BF Day Community remains caring and supportive, and we all appreciate the “can-do” spirit that families are modeling for each other. Thank you, parents, staff and students, for all you do everyday to make our community a better place to learn and grow.

    As the year progresses, we will stay connected on the progress your child is making. Natalie and I will also be reaching out soon to gather some of your feedback on how things are going for your family.


    Parent Feedback Survey

    We are a strong community of 395 learners at this date and there were 173 responses to our survey. This is the highest number of responses to any survey to date.
    Overall, our 4th grade families had the highest return rate of 67%, followed by 1st grade at 62%.
    As I mentioned in the Dayette blast on Saturday, here is some quick data:
    • In all, we have about 16% of our families participating in Pods with children in the same grade; 7% in
    • Pods with multi-age children; 77% are not in pods.
    • Regarding consistent classroom schedules, 41% feel this is important, 33% are neutral and 26% do not feel this is important.
    • We have a 4 star rating for parent/family outreach.
    • There are very high numbers of participation in all the various activities (whole group, small group, 1:1, etc.)
    • When asked about how parents feel their child is coping with remote instruction, 20% say extremely well; 48% somewhat well; 17% neutral; 12% somewhat not well (19 students); 4% extremely not well (6 students).
    • As for weekly learning targets, we have just a bit over a 3-star rating for these. Feedback tells a mixed reaction to these targets, some find them too much, some find them too easy.
    We have organized your feedback into large topics and themes. Student engagement, schedules, and assignments are your top priority.
    Student engagement: more structured activities and reinforcement for expected behaviors, more social connection with staff and classmates, more consistent schedules and technology platforms, more supports for parents, more (sometimes less) instructional rigor, flexibility for schedules of working parents.
    Schedules: consistency from day to day and classroom to classroom, simplicity in communicating schedules and related links, more breaks (lunch and general movement)
    Assignments: consistency on when they are due, how to submit assignments, expectations/schedule for feedback from teachers.
    We have a 14-page document with all the comments organized by topic. If you would like a copy of this, please email Natalie or me, and we will send it off to you. ( or

    Music Teacher position – Fall staff adjustments

    Each fall, the district reviews the actual student enrollment and compares this to spring staffing projections. This year, all schools have lower than expected enrollment numbers, so considerations had to be different. For BF Day, we are essentially one teacher over staffed, especially at the K and 1st grade level.

    The district is using an equity lens and deciding that only Equity Tier 4 schools over staffed by 2 teachers will have a reduction in staffing. (BF Day is a Tier 4 school, as based on the percentage of families eligible for free and reduced lunch. Currently, that percentage is only about 16%, as measured by district metrics.)

    So, this is good news that all 18 homerooms will remain as they are. However, our vacant music teacher position, a half time (.5FTE) position, will not be filled due to the current hiring freeze. District wide, we are over-staffed by about 40 positions and the less of funding from lower enrollment is about 13 million dollars. So, we are expected to use our existing staffing to cover the teachers’ planning and preparation contractual requirements.

    I will be setting up a meeting with our Building Leadership Team shortly to review options for our next steps, and I will keep you posted.

    Advanced Learning Student Referrals

    Only parents may refer students for Advanced Learning testing. Teachers may make recommendations, but parents still need to make the referral. Parents need to login to the Source to refer your children. The referral window is now: August 28 - December 7, 2020. Please see the Advanced Learning webpage for further information: Advanced Learning 

    Recognition & Reward

    This school year we are implementing a new student recognition program. We know that online learning is challenging for all parties involved, and we want to provide an opportunity to recognize students and families for their hard work.

    We are working to model and reinforce students as they show the “BF Day Way: We are Caring, Engaged and Responsible.” We help students learn how to be caring, engaged and responsible in all parts of the school. When in person, we recognize students by handing out dragon scales accompanied by a quick verbal recognition of them showing the BF Day Way. Both of which work to build staff and student relationships. Now that we are learning from home, it is especially important to provide an opportunity to recognize the perseverance and resiliency our kids are showing each week.

    By the end of each week classroom teachers will nominate a student from their class who they noticed being caring, responsible or engaged. When a student is nominated you will receive an email or phone call letting you know that your student has been nominated by their teacher for the weekly student engagement reward! Students will then be visited by Mr. Taylor who will first recognize the family/student’s perseverance. Students will be able to choose a prize from our school store. Items may include; notebooks, erasers, pencils, growth-mindset stickers etc.
    Teachers will start nominating students next week, September 21st and the roving school store will be on the road starting September 29th!


    B. F. Day food distribution site is great!

    Thank you to all students/families can pick up free breakfast and/or lunch Mon. through Fri., 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. You can pick-up items at the gym door, near the south parking lot. In the rain, Karla has a tent outside the door. This is a great program and we appreciate you using it! We have had great feedback on the meals being well-liked.


    Art Update

    Hello from Art!
    I am writing today to first off thank you all for your patience and assistance during this learning process. As we go, this is getting easier for everyone and we are all doing great together! Also thank you for helping your children share artwork with me. It is all incredible.

    As a request from several parents I was asked what art supplies their children should have. The list is as follows and totals roughly $15.00 per child. Some of you may already have these supplies. I did a fundraiser and if you are unable to provide your child with these supplies please let me know. I can help those that need it and work out a plan for pick-up times or ways to get these delivered to you. Anything leftover will be put into our art supplies for future use when we go back to class. Please email me if you are unable to access these items.(

    Please know these will be items we will be using in projects within the next two weeks and I will always have alternative solutions with found objects from around the house:
    One pack of White and black construction paper, 1 pack of crayons, 1 basic water color kit, 1 pack of colored pencils, pencils and erasers, 1 pack of basic oil pastels, glue stick and scissors.

    Yours in Art,
    Ms. Pierce