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    Sun Dragons' Dayette Sept 17, 2020
    Posted on 09/19/2020
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    Technology and Material Distribution 

    Please make sure your student is logging on each day to as many of their scheduled activities, as possible. We are focused on building community and developing relationships, using the learning platforms, and making sure your child/student has everything they need for a successful school year.

    As the year progresses, we will stay connected on the progress your child is making. Natalie and I will also be reaching out soon to gather some of your feedback on how things are going for your family.

    Tech/materials distribution It has been great to connect with you over the past few days where materials and technology have been distributed. If you still need to pick up something, you may do so Monday – Friday from 9:00 – 3:30, with the exception of 12:00 – 12:30, where we will take lunch. Natalie, Carrie, Sonja and I will be sharing in this coverage, and we look forward to helping out in whatever way we can.

    When making arrangements to pick up items, it’s best to confirm by phone first, so that we can be sure the items you’re looking for are available. The office phone is 206.252.6010.

    Tech issues We have been trying to solve individual issues with having the computers and iPads function properly. The most common problems are with Schoology log ins and passwords, as well as laptops needing to be restarted, often several times, before connecting to wireless. We know that the district tech assist number (206.252.0100) has been swamped with calls.

    Technology Resource Center information is listed below. There are several video tutorials and other support documents on the district website under the resources for families tab.

    We appreciate this is a frustrating process for families who are juggling many tasks. Please reach out to either the office or your child’s teacher, and we will help figure this out. Just yesterday, we had staff at the school late in the day and then at the child’s home to make sure everything was fixed!

    Technology Resource Centers

    Eight (8) Technology Resource Centers are open to support PreK-12 students and families with technology access. The closest one to B. F. Day is listed below.

    Technology support includes:

    • Laptop and SPS device support
    • Hot spots support
    • Support with remote learning software (e.g., Seesaw, Schoology) and other educational resources
    • General technology resource information and support
    • Language help for remote learning tools
    • Additional English Language instructional support 

    Technology Resource Center Locations and Times
    The following site is open for families and students for walk-ins and appointments. Students and families can make appointments for the following services by calling Student Tech Line at: 206-252-0100 or email:

    John Marshall Alternative High 520 NE Ravenna Blvd, Seattle, WA 98115 Monday - Friday 9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Closed for Lunch 11 - 11:30

    B.F. Day Office Hours

    Staff are in office every weekday from 9:00 – 3:30. We will “closed” for lunch from 12:00 – 12:30. This is essentially to help staff and families over the phone or on email.

    This is not meant for school entry by parents or students, unless there are pre-arranged circumstances. Email is still the best way to get a hold of us, but our goal is to have the phone answered live at these times.

    Beginning next Monday, we will have extra help from Kendall Wallace in our office. Kendall is coming to us from the Nathan Hale radio station where she works part time. We appreciate having the extra help to help you at year beginning. We very much look forward to a time when we can see you in person in your school!

    Life Skills Classes with Mr. Taylor (Program Support)

    I am B. F. Day’s counselor and this year will be interacting with your children in the following ways. At B. F. Day elementary we believe that social emotional learning skills are at the heart of academic growth, thriving relationships, intentional decision making, and well-being. This priority can be seen in the opportunity I have to teach students weekly social emotional lessons in my “life skills” class. It has been proven that teaching students these “soft skills” (empathy, problem solving, coping strategies, growth mindset etc.) build the foundation for current and future success.

    In years past I visited each classroom every week to teach social emotional lessons, this year I will have my own “space” to teach our kids skills to help them cope with this ever-changing world. Like when students visit the P.E. or Art, students will receive instruction to support the development of their social and emotional skills. I will predominately be using Committee for Children’s Second Step social-emotional curriculum. Second Step is an evidenced based curriculum that has shown to support students intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as increasing academic performance! I look forward to supporting students and families this school year. In addition to doing whole class instruction I will continue to have small group sessions for our kids.

    Recognition & Reward

    This school year we are implementing a new student recognition program. We know that online learning is challenging for all parties involved, and we want to provide an opportunity to recognize students and families for their hard work.

    At B.F. Day we instill in students to show the BF Day Way; We are Caring, We are Engaged and We are Responsible. We help students learn how to be caring, engaged and responsible in all parts of the school. When in person we recognize students by handing out dragon scales accompanied by a quick verbal recognition of them showing the BF Day Way. Both of which work to build staff and student relationships. Now that we are learning from home it is especially important to provide an opportunity to recognize the perseverance and resiliency our kids are showing each week.

    By the end of each week classroom teachers will nominate a student from their class who they noticed being caring, responsible or engaged. When a student is nominated you will receive an email or phone call letting you know that your student has been nominated by their teacher for the weekly student engagement reward! Students will then be visited by Mr. Taylor who will first recognize the family/student’s perseverance. Students will be able to choose a prize from our school store. Items may include; notebooks, erasers, pencils, growth-mindset stickers etc.

    Teachers will start nominating students next week, September 21st and the roving school store will be on the road starting September 29th!

    Time for Flu shots/Protect your Community

    All SPS students regardless of insurance can get a flu shot through any of the 30 school-based health centers (King County School Health) King County School Health. Why it’s more important this year: Public Health Insider and Covid19.

    All SPS staff and their families, and all SPS students and their families can get a flu shot through any one of 32 “Drive-through” Flu Shot Clinics starting Sept 21-Oct 2 at 16 different school locations. The “drive-through” flu clinics are sponsored by Seattle Visiting Nurse Association and SPS.

    Families can stay in their car but could also walk or bike up to the site. Children ages four and older can get the flu shot through the drive-through.

    SVNA accepts most private insurance, Apple Health, Medicare and credit cards. Families who do not have health insurance are also invited to sign up for a flu shot thanks to a grant from the City of Seattle. Parents can enroll all family members for the same time slot. Choose a convenient date and location and sign up online at SPS flu clinics. For more information or assistance contact your school nurse, Sophie Bo at or call/text at 206-702-8849.

    B. F. Day is a food distribution site!

    All students/families can pick up free breakfast and/or lunch Mon. through Fri., 11:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. You can pick-up items at the gym door, near the south parking lot.

    Meals are also being delivered via eight bus routes. Find one of the forty meal sites or a convenient meal bus route on the student meal website. Reheatable meals prepared by FareStart can be picked up Mon. through Fri. at each site and weekend food provided by the Backpack Brigade and Food for Schools is available for all families on Fridays.

    B.F. Day PTSA News

    Family Directory

    BF Day Families, please sign up for the PTSA online directory! This directory will allow you to more easily connect with the other families in your childrens' classes.

    PTSA School Directory Form

    Room Parents

    Interested in serving as a Room Parent this year? Room Parents' First Task will be setting up a Class Directory!

    Other tasks include forwarding emails from PTSA, helping teachers recruit volunteers, and assisting with teacher appreciation week.
    Email: if interested, thanks!
    Parents especially needed for Olegario, Steel, & Ferrel

    Visit the B. F. Day PTSA Website for more information and to stay connected!