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    Sun Dragons' Dayette October 6, 2020
    Posted on 10/07/2020
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    School Picture Day

    Due to Covid restrictions, our school picture process will operate a bit differently. Seattle Schools’ policy does not permit on-site photos to be taken. The company we typically use doesn’t offer an alternate location. Therefore, we have chosen a different photographer with a studio nearby.

    Yuen Lui studios will take our fall individual student photos as they have a safe location for picture day this year. There are several date, time and package choices. Please schedule your picture day appointment through Yuen Lui Studio through this direct link:  School Pictures at Yuen Lui
    All prepay orders through their scheduling link can be modified or upgraded on site during your appointment. Picture packages are mailed to your home approximately 2 weeks after studio appointment.

    Your student's images will be available for online viewing after your appointment, the online (security) code will be your students ID number. To view your image, follow this link:  check School Photo and enter in your students ID number.

    If you any issues please email us Yuen Lui at or call 1-800-347-4687.

    Thank you for taking care of this process with Yuen Lui. We look forward to seeing all the adorable pics this year as we very much miss seeing you all in person. Scholarships are available, please call the school office for help with scholarships, 206-252-6010.

    Remote Learning Survey Feedback

    Last Wednesday, our staff worked to process some of the feedback you provided. The main topics were around student engagement and simplifying the schedule around meetings and submitting assignments.
    Through a process of breakout groups to discuss and plan by grade levels and then in vertical groups, teachers identified an area of focus to address both teachers’ professional assessment of remote learning and parent/student needs.

    Each grade will be looking at ways to simplify and slow down. In lieu of multiple links, they are working on a single link and a cleaner calendar. They will be identifying which activities are required and which will be optional. Teachers are working out ways to offer feedback on specific assignments and the timelines to when you can expect feedback from them.
    Work on remote learning strategies and planning will continue both Wed and Friday this week.

    It is important to remember that remote learning is a new skill for our teachers, and they are working hard to hone the skills for them to be as successful as possible. Much of the work takes longer to produce than it does in “in-school” times.

    Natalie and I have been monitoring staff climate and the stress that teachers are feeling. The day to day schedule demands this fall have increased significantly. Teachers are often working well past dinner time and over the weekend. As you can relate, working from home and caring for children affects our staff, as well. We appreciate the kind support for our team!

    Parent Support Tips

    Natalie has the great idea of providing tips to parents as you work with your children. In each edition of the Dayette, please look for these ideas and strategies as we partner together. Today’s idea is around specific and consistent language you can use to assist your child in their handwriting skills.

    Verbal Path for the Formation of Letters

    Sometimes it helps children to say aloud the directions for “making” a letter. This “verbal path” helps them to understand the directional movement that is essential. In addition, it gives the teacher and child a language to talk through the letter and its features. Here, we suggest language for creating a verbal path to the distinctive features of letters.
    Lowercase Letter Formation
    a — pull back, around, up, and down
    b — pull down, up, around
    c — pull back and around
    d — pull back, around, up, and down
    e — pull across, back, and around
    f — pull back, down, and cross
    g — pull back, around, up, down, and under
    h — pull down, up, over, and down
    i — pull down, dot
    j — pull down, curve around, dot
    k — pull down, pull in, pull out
    l — pull down
    m— pull down, up, over, down and up, over
    and down
    n — pull down, up, over, and down
    o — pull back and around
    p — pull down, up, and around
    q — pull back, around, up, and down
    r — pull down, up, and over
    s — pull back, in, around, and back around
    t — pull down and cross
    u — pull down, around, up and down
    v — slant down, up
    w— slant down, up, down, up
    x — slant down, slant down
    y — slant in, slant and down
    z — across, slant down, across
    Uppercase Letter Formation
    A — slant down, slant down, across
    B — pull down, up, around and in, back and
    C — pull back and around
    D — pull down, up, around
    E — pull down, across, across, and across
    F — pull down, across, across
    G — pull back, around, across
    H — pull down, pull down, across
    I — pull down, across, across
    J — pull down, curve around, across
    K — pull down, slant in, slant out
    L — pull down, across
    M— pull down, slant down, slant up, pull
    N — pull down, slant down, pull up
    O — pull back and around
    P — pull down, up, and around
    Q — pull back and around and cross
    R — pull down, up, around, in, and slant
    S — pull back, in, around, down, and back
    T — pull down, across
    U — pull down, around, up, and down
    V — slant down, slant up
    W— slant down up, down up
    X — slant down, slant down
    Y — slant in, slant, and down
    Z — across, slant down, across
    Fountas & Pinnell Leveled Literacy Intervention. Copyright ©2009 by Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell.
    This page may be photocopied.

    October is…

    Hearts out of paper in many colors We are Proud of who we are, for we are BF Day✓ Fridays - show your school spirit and wear your BF Day t-shirts every Friday

    ✓ Facebook - share your favorite BF Day stories and photos on the family Facebook page

    ✓ Dayette - read about the history of BF Day and individuals who have made an impact over the years

    ✓ Community Project - Participate in a community art project later this month, details to come!


    Did you know...

    BF Day is the oldest continuously operated
    Seattle Public School??

    Here’s how it all came to be…
    BF Day School image March 1889March 1889 - Two classes were held in a Fremont home on 36th Ave N and Whitman Street until a local family (Benjamin Franklin and Francis Day) donated enough money to cover rent for classes to be held in 3 rooms of a former grocery store on 36th Ave N and Aurora Ave N (pictured above). After Fremont was annexed into the City of Seattle in 1891, the Seattle School District rented the Good Templars Hall at 35th Ave and Albion Place for the school to continue classes. The shuffling of students from one site to another finally ended when the generous Day family donated a large portion of their 160 acre farm to Seattle Schools, contingent upon the new building costing at least $25,000.

    B F Day School May 2 1892May 2, 1892 - Principal Professor Storey marched 185 students from their temporary locations into the 4 newly completed rooms on the main floor of the new BF Day Elementary School. The 1st - 6th graders entered their new school through the South facing entrance of the building (pictured above, now a side entrance off the library). By 1899 enrollment exceeded capacity so 1st graders were moved to a location on Aurora Ave and 6th graders were moved into a building once known as Cheadle’s Grocery. During this time an 8 room addition to the school was added to the North end, moving the main entrances to the E and W sides of the building (pictured below). In 1914-1915 the school again reached capacity with 800 students, forcing yet another addition, and with it the 24 classroom building became the largest grade school facility in Seattle in 1916. For the next 20 years enrollment was consistently high, close to 1,000 students. During World War II, boys at BF Day took Home Economics to prepare them to help out at home while many mothers worked in wartime industries. From 1981-1989 the Orca alternative program served K-5 BF Day students, integrating different ages and emphasizing performing arts, fine arts and environmental education. In 1986 the Seattle School Board decided to save the historic building, leading to a $5 million renovation project in 1989-1991.

    BF Day School Linden Day View
    Nourished by the generosity and resilience of its community, the roots of BF Day Elementary School are deep and strong. In the coming weeks you will hear more stories about the school and some of the events and individuals who have shaped and grown BF Day to become the place we know it today - “the family school”.