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    Sun Dragons' Dayette November 10, 2020
    Posted on 11/16/2020
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    B.F. Day Event Calendar 

    Visit our B. F. Day Weekly Calendar


    Veterans’ Day

    Seattle Schools will be closed next Wednesday, November 11th, in honor of all the women and men who served our country. Classroom teachers are planning activities to discuss Veterans’ contributions. We hope you will have time to thank a veteran for their service on this day off of school.

    Chat with the Principals Night Tonight

    Don’t forget that Natalie and Stan will be connecting with families today from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. We will cover some general announcements, review our CSIP goals and offer some time for parents to ask questions and offer some feedback.

    The meeting will be recorded. A link will be sent out on Wed, in case you can’t join us live.

    Parent Teacher Conferences

    Our annual Parent/Teacher conferences will be held between Saturday, November 21st and Tuesday, November 24th. There is some flexibility around these dates, as some teachers have opted to schedule conferences the week before, to add some options for working families. Please be sure to email your child’s teacher, if you do not have an appointment yet.

    The Herstory of the Biden signed B. F. Day T-shirt

    Have you ever noticed there is a T-shirt signed by Joe Biden in our office? Have you ever wondered how it got here? Ms. Carrie, our in-school historian, has the answer!

    At the inauguration of President Obama in 2008, one of our B. F. Day’s teachers at the time, Ms. Shirley Day, brought a B. F. Day T-shirt with her so that she could get it signed by our new President.

    This was a very popular inauguration, setting records for the many people in attendance for any event. Ms. Day was invited by her son, Pepper, a part of the local Walter Reed Medical Center elite doctors. He invited his mother to attend this inauguration with one of his tickets.

    Ms. Day went to an after-party with our T-shirt in arm, hoping to get it signed by our new president. However, President Obama didn’t attend that party, but Vice-President Biden did. So, VP Biden signed our T-Shirt! A huge thank you goes to Ms. Day for weathering the freezing temperatures that year and for waiting in a very long line to get this now infamous T-shirt signed.

    And another huge thank-you goes to Mr. Gil, our former librarian, who not only procured the t-shirt from our Sunshine Store for Ms. Day to take, but spirited it away from the office to get it framed in glass that does not allow fading. Before Mr. Gil framed it this t-shirt had been hanging loose in the office!

    B. F. Day Signed T-shirtclose up of Biden signature

    Hello From, the Art Room!!
    BF Day Families!!
    We have been doing incredible work in art. This week we discussed Folk Art, looked at the art of Heather Galler and then K-1 worked on Mexican Sun/Moons while 2-5 worked on Galler inspired landscapes. Last week the entire school explored the life and work of Yoyoi Kusama and created their very own Kusama Pumpkin. K-1 explored dots and line, while 2-5 explored the use of creating 3D art with various sizes of dots. Other lessons have been on Earthworks and Nature Installations, Dias de Los Muertos, Frida Kahlo, Faith Ringold, Self Portraits and All About Me Activities. I wanted to touch base on a few housekeeping items in art:

    Art Supplies
    : I hope that by now many of you have gotten the needed items for art. I will be at school again Friday the 13th from 11:30-1:30. I will also be leaving art supply kits with the office for those who cannot make that time. Supplies are crayons, oil pastels, markers, glue sticks, scissors, white and black construction paper, colored pencils and watercolors.

    Weekly Art Submissions: The art coming in from students is incredible! We are around 40% with weekly submissions and I would love if by next week we could bump that up even more! Please let me know if you are having any tech issues that are making it difficult to upload and we can troubleshoot.
    $5000 SPS Grant: BF Day was allotted $5000.00 for art supplies through the district. This is exciting as we will be needing more art supplies in general BUT I thought it would be fun for 5th graders to explore ideas for a legacy project. I would love help brainstorming. Please email me any ideas you may have!

    Virtual Gallery: The artwork that is coming in from students is incredible. I would love to create an online gallery with artwork. If any parents would like to volunteer with this project, I would love help. I am not super tech savvy but have lots of content to share that can be uploaded.

    Again, thank you all for your patience with tech hiccups, delay with art supply distribution, disconnect with virtual teaching etc… I feel we are all learning as we go and are all being quite successful in the process. I am proud of the student work that is coming in. Student engagement and perseverance through these challenging times has been inspirational.

    Yours in Art,
    Ms. Pierce (she/her)
    “Always love. Hate will get you every time”. ~Nada Surf