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    Sun Dragons' Dayette December 15, 2020
    Posted on 12/18/2020
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    Winter Break

    We wish you all a heartwarming break. Relax, refresh, reflect and enjoy this time we have with our families or with a good book or two😊

    School is closed from December 21 thru January 1, 2021. The office will be staffed on December 21 and 28, if you should need to pick something up. Our lunch program will have week-long meals available for pick up on December 21 and December 29. Super hopeful for a wonderful 2021 and all the joy of eventually seeing each other again



    From B. F. Day Families to B. F. Day Families, this season is full of love! You would not believe how many amazing gifts, gift cards, beautiful gift tags, coats, hats and gloves have been received from our families and will go to our families this week. There have been tears of joy by the staff at the overwhelming outpouring of help that has come through our building. I’m sure there will be more tears of joy from families receiving these amazing gifts, soon. We cannot thank everyone involved enough for making this all possible. Tanya Boyce, parent of three wonderful children, has been the spearhead of this drive, and we cannot thank her and our PTSA enough, especially for getting this started and for helping us complete this project by choosing gifts to give to whom. The B. F. Day Family is truly AMAZING!

    pic of presentspic of presents

    Lunch during Break

    one week meal box info

    Report Cards

    We are very proud of all the progress B. F. Day children have made so far this year especially considering we are all so new to this way of teaching and learning. Please celebrate your child’s accomplishments and share with them how very impressed we are with them. Progress Reports for each child will be available to families in the Source on or before December 28. If next year.


    Counselor Corner


    Validating Each Other’s Emotions During Covid-19

    Below are a few tips that have been shown to help kids (and adults) feel validated when there are big feelings being felt. These three simple steps allow the space for the child’s concerns to be heard while also providing the structure for adults to connect in a positive way. Working through this process has shown to increase student’s frustration tolerance, empathy and problem solving strategies. These are one of the strategies that we strive to utilize at school!

    1. Listen

    - Give your undivided attention in the moment
    - Encourage- lean in, nod, say “yes”, or “uh-huh,” or “go on”
    - Hold off on judgement- don’t interrupt or think about your response yet.

    2. Reflect back their Feeling

    - Check you understanding by restating or summarizing
    “what I’m hearing is…” or “it sounds like you are feeling…”
    - Pay attention the child non-verbal cues
    “ I can tell this is upsetting to you because…” “I notice…”

    3. Connect

    - Affirm that you understand how they feel.
    - Use “AND” instead of “BUT”: “I know you’re mad, AND what you said upset me too”

    Next Year New Family Tours  Future Parents Chat with Principal Nights

    Please tell your neighbors if they’re interested in touring for next year:

    Here is the link for the recording of the 12.9 session: