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    Sun Dragons' Dayette August 25, 2020
    Posted on 08/09/2020
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    Recent Developments 

    Negotiations between the district and the Seattle Education Association are continuing. There are important details that have yet to be determined, so planning for our staff professional development has been a bit challenging.

    Staff will return for their pre-service work on Thursday, August 27. There will be 6 days of professional development prior to the start of the school year, allowing for deep work and planning around remote learning, student engagement strategies, anti-racist practices and unfinished learning from last spring.

    The first days of school will be in a slightly different format until Sept 14. From September 4 through the 11, There will just be up to 2 hours of instruction around social emotional learning and creating strong relationships with their teacher and classmates. This is being labeled as the “Strong start” program.

    September 4-11, 2020 “Strong Start” Schedule | First student day Grades 1-5 | 2 hours of student instruction/support for SEL and well being

    NEW | In order to comply with 1027 hours of instruction per state RCW, students would be given supplemental learning activities to make up for the lost instructional time. Learning activities can be SEL or related to family connections.

    September 14, 2020 | Full Start | Students will follow master schedule

    The elementary start time will be 8:30 AM. This is 35 minutes later than our typical start time. School will end at 3:00. Your child’s exact schedule will be finalized once negotiations are completed and once our team fully understands his or her learning needs.

    Each Friday, parents will receive the learning targets for the upcoming week through School Messenger. Classroom teachers may also send home additional schedule information in their newsletters. Our goal is to be consistent in schedules and content in each section of a grade.

    After we begin remote instruction in September, Stan and Natalie will request parent feedback through an online survey. Your feedback will assist with adjustments and revisions, wherever possible.

    BF Day will be a lunch site beginning on Sept 4. Lunch will be served from 11:45 - 1:15 daily, except for Wednesday, which will be 11:15 – 12:30. Details on the location will be provided soon. This will be a pick-up site only, so students will be eating at home or with their daycare/pod group.

    Technology Support

    Our team will be reviewing your responses to the recent Tech survey. Teachers will be calling families who weren’t able to complete the survey and then prioritizing needs where immediate support was requested.

    Our district Technology Department is working on a plan for distributing iPads for K-2 and laptops for 3- 5 students. Once these are on site, we will distribute them as quickly as possible.

    There are some resources available to help support you in the use of technology: Family/caregiver help desk | SPS Technology Supports For Families or; 206-252-0100

    8 Resource Centers located across the district that will provide: 1) device support, 2) laptop issue, swap, repairs, 3) hotspot distribution and support, and 4) online applications/software support.

    If you have not yet signed up for a Source account, please do so.

    Source & Schoology Resources Parents & Guardians

    How parents and guardians set up their parent Source account
    How parents and guardians update their Source username
    Source tour for parents and guardians
    How parents and guardians set up their Schoology account
    Schoology Parent Guide

    Parent/Guardian Source & Schoology Account Set Up Videos

    Data Verification Form on Parent Source Accounts

    Data Verification is available on the Source for a limited time, typically, from the first day of school through September.

    IMPORTANT: We’ve been told it will be available to update from September 4 – September 30. This document is super important to check over thoroughly! During this window you an update any errors or make changes. Ms. Carrie & Ms Sonja have a goal for our families of 100% viewing of the online document. You can only do it once during this window and only one parent/guardian can complete the changes.

    When this resource is not available, parents and guardians must contact school office, 206-252-6010, staff or the Admissions Center (206) 252-0760 to update your information.

    Resources Students

    How and where students log in
    Student password reset info
    Source student tour for students
    Schoology Student Guide

    School Supplies/Preparations for the Return to School

    Like many other aspects of school, supplies distribution will look different this year than during in person learning. To support families during the Covid-19 hardship, we are putting a hold on the suggested $40 donation to the PTSA for supplies. Grade level teachers have been brainstorming solutions for getting curricular school materials to students. These will likely come in large kits or bins by unit or month, depending on grade level pacing. We’ll also likely include some of the needed school supplies within those kits. For now, here are some suggested ideas to get started on remote learning and supplies for
    your child:

    - Set up a distraction free area within your home for your child to work. Ensure your child has a comfortable, upright chair to sit in.
    - Use a shelf or small bookcase to keep school supplies organized.
    - Get creative about allowing your child to personalize their learning space. Consider projects like upcycling a tin can to use as pencil holder.
    - Consider getting some basic school supplies to start the year, like a set of pencils, pencil
    sharpener, a couple of erasers, a set of crayons/markers, and a single subject notebook.
    - Establish some household norms for taking care of your child’s device. Set up a charging station
    for your child and establish good habits of tech care.
    - Consider making a visual schedule at home. This may include words and/or pictures that help your child navigate the sequential order of their day (i.e. breakfast, quiet reading time, school on the computer, play time, lunch...)
    - End each day with a positive affirmation or compliment about your child’s learning.

    BIPOC, Bilingual, and Special Education Community Forums

    We encourage your families of color whose students receive special education services to attend one of our upcoming community forums if you haven’t seen it on the Special Education Department website.

    To support equity in remote learning this fall, we are inviting our families of color and multilingual families of students receiving special education services to join us for a number of virtual forums in the
    upcoming weeks. Join us to share your experiences with remote learning this past spring and summer. All sessions will be facilitated and language supports will be available. Additional sessions will be scheduled during the school year.

    Please register for the session that you identify with. Please fill out this form to sign up:

    • Latinx Family Community Forum: Wednesday, August 26, 3-4:30pm
    • Black Family Community Forum: Thursday, August 27, time to be announced
    • African (Amharic & Tigrinya) Family Community Forum: Friday, August 28, 6-7:30pm
    • Asian Family Community Forum: Tuesday, September 1 from 7-8:30pm

    Please contact if you have questions.

    NOTE: PS We have turned on The Source for this year for our families.

    Transportation Assignments

    You may have received information about your child’s bus assignment from our Transportation Dept. While these say effective 9/2/2020, please know that we are still doing remote learning for the time being. These assignments are being made now for when children do start in actual school building. Hold on to this information for the future. If changes are needed, please let us know after the start of school. We will place a reminder in a future Dayette to get things ready for our eventual return.

    B. F. Day PTSA Important News

    IMPORTANT: BF Day Families, please sign up for the PTSA online directory! This directory will allow you to more easily connect with the other families in your childrens' classes.

    As an overall picture of our school, here are the classroom configurations for 20-21. Please know that classroom assignments and configurations are always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. We always try to minimize any changes.

    Grade | Teacher
    Room Number
    Pre-school | Ms Rupert
    Pre-school | Ms Trott
    K | Ms. Smith
    K | Ms. Mathan 205
    K | Mrs. Baughman  206
    K | Mrs. Ferrel  207
    1 | Mrs. Steel  302
    1 | Mrs. Papineau  303
    1 | Mrs. Anderson  304
    1 | Ms. Stevens  301
    1 | Ms. Berlin 307 
    2 | Ms. Dawson 301 
    2 | Ms. Davis 305 
    2 | Ms. Noreng 308 
    3 | Ms. Hill  306
    3 | Ms. Sawyer  310
    4 | Mrs. Cerulia  104
    4/5 | Mr. Maldonada  100
    4/5 | Ms. Strand  101
    4/5 | Mr. Olegario   105
    SEL Primary | Mr. Beck 103
    SEL Intermediate | Mr. Gildemaster 102
    SpED Resource Room | Ms. Tolle 311
    Access | Mrs. Cooper 312

    Benefit Form

    Visit the SPS Free and Reduced Lunch page. For families within the income brackets on this link, we’d appreciate you filling out and submitting this form. A new form needs to be submitted each year. Our district no longer mails this form home prefilled in for families. You can submit it online – see link above. If you need help with it, would like it mailed to you, or would like it delivered please let us know. One form can be filled out for all your children in Seattle Schools – not just B. F. Day. Even if your child doesn’t eat school breakfast/lunch by filling out this form, if you qualify, schools get extra staffing, field trip reductions, textbooks, fees and other benefits throughout the year. This helps us helps you. Any questions or for mail/delivery of a paper form please contact the school office.

    Visit the B. F. Day PTSA Website for more information and to stay connected!